Blow to Ferrovial for the non-judicial Heathrow expansion

The conversion of Heathrow Airport into the major European air traffic connector in the future has suffered a blow following the ruling of the London Court of Appeal declaring that its expansion would be illegal, for breaching the objectives of the Paris agreement on climate change, in 1916, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so that […]

Total chaos at Heathrow Airport (London) due to a computer failure

E.B. Updated:02/16/2020 21:42 save The Heathrow airport London has become a total chaos after a computer failure. Many passengers have gathered waiting to receive some news about the status of their flight without anyone clarifying what was happening. Not even in many of the companies that operate in the aerodrome, where there was no ground […]

Boris Johnson’s (too) ambitious projects

London British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just given the go-ahead for the construction of the HS2 high-speed train. It is a billion dollar project: the cost is estimated at over £ 100 billion. Great Britain has been debating whether to push ahead with Europe’s largest infrastructure project in view of the high costs and […]

Coronavirus: Airport employees are prohibited from wearing mouth guards

Nationwide demand for breathing masks is increasing Concerns about the introduction of the novel corona virus are already increasing the demand for breathing masks in German pharmacies. No concrete figures are available yet, said Ursula Sellerberg of the Federal Association of German Pharmacists’ Associations on Monday of the German Press Agency. A spokesman for the […]