Chana, the man of 38 wives, 89 children and 33 grandsons, died at 76

Considered the largest family man in the modern world, Ziona Chana, leader of a religious sect, died Sunday at Trinity Hospital in Aizawl, India. Dead at 76, Ziona Chana will be mourned by a more than extended family. In fact, 38 women, 89 children and 33 grandchildren are in mourning with his death. The particularity […]

Big panic at Saint-Louis hospital (video)

The worst was avoided thanks to the intervention of the maintenance service. The sick were evacuated as well as the nursing staff. In the meantime, psychosis will have won over the patients. More fear than harm. The director who spoke with the press to have the extinction of the beginning of fire announced the opening […]

Aziz allowed to go to Inchiri for his mother’s funeral

The pole in charge of investigations relating to economic and financial crimes accepted the request formulated Wednesday by former President Mohamed O. Abdel Aziz to receive the remains of his mother, according to sources at Sahara Media. The same sources add that the pole authorized Ould Abdel Aziz to go to Inchiri for the burial […]

the two men arrested would gravitate towards the “yellow vests” movement

Damien T., alleged author of the aggression of the President of the Republic, and Arthur C. were arrested by the gendarmes of the Surveillance and Intervention Platoon of the Gendarmerie (PSIG) of Valence. Emmanuel Macron was slapped by a man during his trip to the Drôme on Tuesday. The scene was filmed. As he approached […]

How to invest money

Hello everyone, I’m just thinking about how to invest my assets sensibly. I currently have 130,000 euros in the current account. An additional 12,000 euros and 7,000 euros each on savings accounts. As is well known, none of these forms of investment with good returns. Since I am currently on the lookout for a property […]

Hello censorship: UFC Russia edited Beneyl Dariush’s words

Are there any Marxists in the UFC Russian office? It would seem that Russia has been a democratic rule-of-law state for a very long time, and freedom of speech seems to be enshrined in our Constitution. However, the Russian office of the UFC has apparently been taken over by the Marxists. Otherwise, it is difficult […]

Goodbye to the mortgage, hello to three heroes and a villain

Guiu Cortés visits the Terrace of the Batel Wall in solitary Guiu Cortés. Guiu Cortés is artistically known as El Niño de la Hipoteca, a project that has earned him the affection and respect of the public, as well as the positive evaluation of music critics. His authenticity, his guitar and his good tuning have […]

Surprised, Sad and Unhappy Ministers

For many ministers, it is the earth that is crumbling beneath their feet. The President of the Republic Macky Sall finally took the decision to dissolve the government, at the same time as he took the accompanying decision in the circumstance by terminating the functions of the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency […]

Mauritania is facing Rift Valley fever after Covid-19 and Crimean-Congo fever

After Covid-19 and Crimean-Congo fever, Mauritania is also facing Rift Valley fever. The government has even announced 3 deaths from this disease, among 13 cases recorded since its appearance in the wilayas of Tagant, Brakna, Assaba and the two Hodhs. Thus, the country’s health authorities have advised the population to follow several precautionary measures. These […]