Donating unites us – Spanish Hospital of La Plata

To speak of Donation and Transplantation is to consider the health and well-being of another. It is to raise awareness and promote values ​​such as: solidarity, care and empathy. For this reason, every May 30, in our country, the National Day of organ and tissue donation, established by the INCUCAI, is commemorated. This date is […]

José Gutiérrez on the successful blood donation day: “It’s a holiday”

At Healing Day, the Río Gallegos Regional Hemotherapy Center, dependent on the Ministry of Health and Environment, organized a blood donation campaign for which the community was invited to participate. Doctor José Gutiérrez. PHOTO: JOSÉ SILVA / LA OPINIÓN AUSTRAL The head of the Río Gallegos Regional Hemotherapy Center, Jose Gutierrez, highlighted the mobile of […]