These tips will save you money on contracts

Anyone who regularly checks current contracts can save money in the long term, advises Brigitte Dörhöfer from the consumer advice center in Detmold. These tips can effectively reduce costs in times of inflation: Rising energy and food prices are presenting more and more people with financial challenges. The number of households that can barely cope […]

This is what the “traffic light” plans for the district

HAMELN-PYRMONT.More affordable housing for young people, free public transport tickets for all children and young people and scholarships for training as educators or social assistants – these are some of the goals that the SPD, Greens and FDP are striving for in the district. With various measures, however, … high quality DEWEZET+ items exclusive local […]

Verdi calls for warning strikes in retail

During the corona pandemic, many retail workers lost their income. Now they are calling for greater protection through better collective agreements. With warning strikes in the retail trade, the Verdi union wants to emphasize its demand for higher wages in many cities in Lower Saxony on Friday. “Even employees whose companies were temporarily closed due […]