At Microsoft, everyone can now create fake photos – multimedia

The integration of artificial intelligence into the search engine Bing, which had been ridiculed until then, was a mega coup. Now Microsoft is going one better. Deceptively real-looking photos of the arrest of ex-US President Donald Trump went around the world – with the author immediately commenting: They are fake. Just an isolated case? Soon […]

“Rough Justice ’84” in the test – board game snooping – game tests

“Rough Justice ’84” is a retro indie title that could be a huge hit. But the game gets bogged down in the little things. Players slip into the role of a private investigator in “Rough Justice ’84” for PC from developer Gamma Minus UG and publisher Daedalic Entertainment. This former police officer once investigated corrupt […]

Despite a sick wife – Porsche moves in with his new one – People

Wolfgang Porsche wants to divorce his wife. As has now become public, the billionaire is said to already be living with his new girlfriend. It was probably the shock news on the Austrian society floor. Wolfgang Porsche’s (79) wife Claudia (74) is seriously ill with dementia and can only cope with daily life with great […]

money rain! You’ll soon get these bonuses on your account – Austria-News

2023 is THE year of bonus payments. “Today” knows when you can still look forward to which money injection this year. Climate bonus, pension bonus and now also the housing bonus. The year 2023 is stuffed with bonus payments for the citizens, which should serve as a relief for the purse. The second tranche of […]

black-blue! Mikl thunders: “Not quite with consolation” – Lower Austria

Johanna Mikl-Leitner and Udo Landbauer showed the new pact. New: Christoph Luisser and Susanne Rosenkranz (FP), Waldhäusel is no longer a provincial councillor. Lawyer Christoph Luisser (FP) and Susanne Rosenkranz (FP) are new to the state government, Udo Landbauer will be state vice president, Gottfried Waldhäusl will no longer be asylum state councillor, but second […]

“Fantavision 202X” in the test – hot tip for PSVR2 – game tests

Surprisingly, one of the best games for the PSVR2 is one that came out for the PlayStation 2. Now it gets new life. On the PlayStation 2 (without VR!), the original “Fantavision” caused quite a stir, but despite numerous offshoots, it is hardly known today, especially to younger players. With “Fantavision 202X” for the PlayStation […]

Jogi Löw to become Neymar’s new coach – Football

Will Germany’s world champion team boss Jogi Löw return to the coaching bench? He is to take over the Selecao of Brazil. Brazil is looking for the next team boss! After the end of the World Cup quarter-finals, the contract with Tite ended, and now a big name is to take over the Selecao. José […]

Minister of Labor Kocher wants to reduce non-wage labor costs – politics

Instead of taking back the low taxes on company profits, Minister of Labor Kocher prefers to reduce non-wage labor costs. Inflation in Austria is a lot higher than in the rest of Europe. The reason for this is the low level of political intervention, especially in the areas of housing, food and energy. So is […]

Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass – There’s More to Come – Playtests

The Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass is here. However, the first wave of content brings very little for players, they have to be patient until the second. The Expansion Pass brings lots of new content for Nintendo’s color fun “Splatoon 3”, which will be released by the end of 2024. However, Wave 1 called “Inkopolis” still […]