WWE Survivor Series: Undertaker Farewell Tears – Wrestling

The 2020 WWE Survivor Series is history! The Undertaker said goodbye after 30 years, and Raw and Smackdown competed against each other. The Thanksgiving tradition in the WWE continued through the corona crisis. At the Survivor Series it was again Raw against Smackdown with the highlight between the champions Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. But […]

18-year-olds on the train to Wr. Neustadt raped – Lower Austria

On the train ride to Wr. Neustadt is said to have been raped an 18-year-old at the toilet. After the investigation, the police arrested a man. An 18-year-old from the Wiener Neustadt district is said to have been raped on the train ride from Ebenfurth to Wiener Neustadt. She finally filed a complaint at the […]

30 years of Undertaker! The Deadman in the “Today” Interview – Wrestling

The Undertaker goes to the well-deserved wrestling pension! Before he left the Survivor Series, we got to chat with the Deadman. The 55-year-old celebrates his 30th anniversary and then retires from the big wrestling stage. “Today” was allowed to speak to Undertaker via Zoom-Call as one of only two German-speaking media outlets – there has […]

Over a quarter of a million corona deaths in the US – world

No other country is known to have such a high number of Covid-19 deaths as in the USA. The number of new infections every day continues to rise. Since the corona pandemic began, more than a quarter of a million people have died after being infected with the virus. That came out on Wednesday evening […]

Gaming makes you happier than previously thought – games

The time invested in video games has a positive effect on wellbeing, according to a new study from Oxford University. Is gaming healthy? These three words were a previously unlikely combination. However, new findings from Oxford University show that gaming can promote mental well-being – provided that certain conditions are met. The behavior of gamers […]

Researchers warn of dangerous new virus – health

Researchers warn of an Ebola-like virus, of which there have so far been few isolated cases. Human-to-human transmission is possible. While we are in the middle of the corona pandemic, there are also other viruses that could pose a threat to us. Researchers warn that a new virus that first broke out in Bolivia could […]

“After the lockdown, everything must not be relaxed” – policy

SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner criticizes the government in the ORF “Report” and at the same time gives hope: We will be able to celebrate Christmas. At the beginning of the interview, the Social Democrat opposed the current school shutdown: “It is wrong to close the schools.” The current figures would show that the clusters and […]

Billa and Merkur limit product range in lockdown – economy

The Rewe Group does not want to offer any “atypical” product ranges for sale in the second lockdown. Austria is about to enter the second lockdown. The trade in non-essential products has to close. As in spring, supermarkets will remain open. Solidarity for traders who have to close Out of solidarity, the Rewe Group, which […]

Researchers make mysterious discovery on the corona pathogen – health

Researchers have now been able to read another part of the coronavirus structure that had previously remained hidden. In the past few months, scientists have already gathered countless new findings about the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But so far, nobody has noticed anything about its structure. A gene was well hidden. “Gene in a gene” This late […]

Hammer! Does Ramos anger Alaba clear the way to Real? – Soccer

The failed contract negotiations for David Alaba weigh on FC Bayern. Now Real threatens this scenario with captain Sergio Ramos. The negotiations with ÖFB star David Alaba turned into a mud fight at Bayern. At the beginning of November there was a big bang. The club withdrew its last offer. If the Alaba side does […]