Siekel rejects the hidden privatization of Steel Arena

The mayor does not think that it was necessary to inform the public about the changes earlier. Denník Korzár brings you the most interesting information and the most read news on our website about current events, especially in eastern Slovakia. An entrepreneur who runs a hotel and buffets quietly joined the authorities of the Košice […]

Harvard reveals the ‘hidden’ reasons that make us gain weight

If a person leads an unhealthy lifestyle, in which they barely exercise and consume many foods rich in trans fats, they will surely gain weight. In that case, the reasons for the weight gain would be clear, although there are other occasions when the reasons are not so obviousand there are some ‘hidden’ causes that […]

“White bananas”: they discovered almost 10 tons of cocaine hidden in Spain

MADRID. Customs agents and the Spanish National Police seized the country’s largest shipment of cocaine to date: 9.5 tons hidden in a container of bananas from Ecuador, both agencies reported Friday. The drugs were found in the southwestern port of Algeciras on Wednesday in a refrigerated container among a shipment allegedly containing 1,080 boxes of […]

Hidden Wealth: Groundwater Economies «1 of 3»

As “nature’s insurance,” groundwater protects food security, reduces poverty, and promotes resilient economic growth, but this resource is threatened by overexploitation and pollution. High-level political action is necessary to prioritize groundwater and align the private and social costs of its use. A new World Bank report examines the economic value of groundwater, the costs of […]

Marcos Rosenzvaig: “I try to look at Santucho from the hidden corner”

-Perhaps because he was one of the revolutionaries, wrong or not, who gave his life for an ideal, and that is a symbol for the new generations. In a time empty of exemplary portraits, Santucho is a character to be admired and for the children of those militants to understand the value, successes and mistakes […]