‘Streaming’: the present of music

The streaming It is in our lives. We live in an era in which we listen to more music than ever, and, like everything else, this is increasingly fragmented, with an increasing weight of playlists. The algorithms decide for us. For better and for worse. These are the main figures of the sector. Keep reading. […]

New case of coronavirus in Mayor Buratovich related to the wind farm

A new positive case of coronavirus related to the wind farm occurred in Mayor Buratovich and there are already 5 infected with COVID-19 in that town, as reported by the Municipality of Villarino tonight. “A new case, a resident of Mayor Buratovich, related to Villarino’s first positive cases was confirmed today,” they announced. They indicated […]

The budget, a rudder to keep SMEs afloat | Economy

The budget is as important in business as the highway for the driver: it allows the businessman to meet his goals and reach his destination, anticipating the potholes that may arise along the way. However, its correct preparation is a pending issue for many SMEs, now surprised by the slowdown in the activity. “Unfortunately, rigorous […]

The Higher Sports Council calls for respect for athletes

The Superior Sports Council (CSD) has expressed its disappointment at the insults suffered by the Paralympic triathlete Kini Carrasco, as he himself denounced, when he went out to train and asked “respect” for the athletes. In a tweet published yesterday in his official account, the CSD assures that Carrasco, who participated in the Paralympic Games […]

Exemption from quotas in ERTE due to force majeure

After “three weeks of intense negotiations” the Government and the social partners signed an agreement last Monday with new social measures in defense of employment. The pact, brought to the legislative field by Royal Decree-Law 18/2020 of May 12, extends until June 30 the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE)By force majeure. In addition, it establishes […]

The new ERTE are already in force: how to go from a total to a partial one | Economy

The Official State Gazette yesterday published the royal decree law that includes the conditions to renew the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) until June 30. This new regulation came into force yesterday. One of the keys to this rule is the differentiation between ERTE of total or partial force majeure. In the former, all the […]

“The greatest possible injury of a childhood is not having been loved”

Delphine from Vigan, 54 years old, he wrote his first book, Days without hunger, with the pseudonym Lou Delvig. He related the hell and resurrection of his anorexia. He explained how not eating had made him more bearable when he was 19 years old. A decade and a handful of novels later, in 2011, he […]