Wood prices fall mercilessly: minus 50 percent on the world market

However, some analysts are also skeptical about the sharp fall in timber prices in an extremely inflationary environment. While lumber prices have started to slide lower, it will take time for those falls to reach end users, says another US analyst. He believes that the fall in demand or the rise in supply will have […]

W. & L. Jordan takes over Holz Brodersen in Essen

The four managing directors are happy about the addition: Fred Himmelmann, Jörg Ludwig Jordan, Thomas Peter and Robert Horst (from left to right) © W. &. LJordan GmbH Holz Brodersen can look back on a 95-year company history and looks after customers in the Essen and Rhine-Ruhr region. Holz Brodersen in Essen will be Jordan’s […]