Buying real estate: what to do if the financing is stuck

There are many reasons why homeowners can no longer pay their loan installments. But the solution is always the same: seek dialogue with the bank. Burying your head in the sand out of shame would definitely be the wrong approach. Because if installments are not paid or reduced, the loan is terminated after a reminder, […]

5 first-time homebuyer programs that can save you money in the US

The type of mortgage loan you choose when buying a home will determine the amount you will pay over the life of the loan. Foto: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Are you planning to buy your first home? Diving into the search for a home can be overwhelming. The type of mortgage loan can make […]

Mortgages 2.0, the variable rate regains the podium

The flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Frankfurt will change the destinies of a first home buyer in Velletri. If the Frankfurt butterfly flutters at the ECB, certainly its fluttering relates to rates and will produce its effects on real estate loans all over Italy. In reality something has already happened, and not a little […]

House purchase (credit for ancillary costs)

Hello folks, My partner and I (not married) want a 50/50 houseacquire. Both parties can share their half of the purchase costs 100% Pay in cash, so to speak, without financing. However, one of the two parties still needs 16,000 eurospay his share of the property transfer tax, as well as the notary. In order […]

Lower the cost of financing with green stocks

Popular and expensive: Freiburg im Breisgau Image: picture alliance / Eibner press photo Buying a property that devours two million euros including renovation sounds bold. But it can work – if you lower the cost of financing with the help of green stocks. FReiburg im Breisgau is a beautiful city – as long as you […]

Apartment T3 – Nantes Lafayette

Near the old Palais de Justice – rue LafayetteOn the 1st floor of an old building of character, charming 3-room apartment of 65m², with an entrance, a fitted and equipped kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom with cupboard, a bathroom with WC .Heating included in the charges. Rent per month including charges: […]

Retirement provision with real estate: The (hidden) costs

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and loans seem cheaper than ever before. But that is easy to deceive. Many underestimate the real cost of a home loan. They can easily run over several decades a third or even half of the loan volume sum up. How expensive a loan is on the bottom […]