Number of social leaders currently threatened in Colombia – Investigation – Justice

According to data released by the Ombudsman’s Office, in Colombia there are 983 social leaders threatened with death.“You have to believe what the threatening pamphlets say, which cannot be ignored”, said Carlos Negret, ombudsman. The entity also assured that 50% of the cases of threats are against women and that between March 2018 and May […]

How many companies are there in your locality?

30/03/2015 05:00 – Updated: 04/21/2015 8:42 PM It may be surprising that a website town hall dedicate a section to promotion of the companies installed in its territory, but Alesón has plenty of reasons for it. This small Riojan town of 117 inhabitants concentrates the largest business density from the country. Located next to Nájera […]

How much could it cost the Girondins to buy the stadium? – Girondins

For the past few months, it has been said that the Girondins de Bordeaux could obtain exploitation of the Matmut Atlantique. However, at present, no official steps have been taken by Bordeaux leaders to buy the stadium. The new mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, said he was in favor of the sale of the stadium […]

How many minutes of exercise we need to do to burn fat? This says the science

When someone wants to lose weight, usually tries to collect all the information possible so that the drop in kilos is very effective: drinking a lot of water, combine strength exercises with cardio to gain muscle mass or do small meals are some of the examples that usually come up. All for getting to the […]

“What I do is enjoy and play, not think about how old I am”

To be a first-rate athlete, it is not essential to live in a kind of parallel world, inaccessible to other human beings. Nor is it necessary to be the protagonist of a series on Netflix. Some, no matter how many titles they collect, no matter how many years they join the elite, are as close […]

how many coronavirus infected are there in Spain and why is the data important

Laura AlborFOLLOW Updated:04/09/2020 11: 08h save Related news How many people have already passed the coronavirus in Spain? The answer to this question is one of the keys that will determine the time horizon for the return to “normality” in our country. Last Sunday, at a press conference, the director of the Center for Coordination […]