Donating blood and plasma save lives

news They help with cancer and even bite injuries by Norbert Dörholt (23.07.2021) Over a million people worldwide require medicinal products based on human blood. The Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry BPI eV wants to make the population aware of this once more. The Federal Association for Patient and Insured Interests eV “The Patient […]

Ads plug into the human and emotional | Additional features

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality …, technology, in a word, have already become “the key tool that connects brands with users,” says Juan Luis Moreno, director of innovation at The Valley, a digital business school. In his opinion, “digitization and AdTech are revolutionizing the way of advertising, opening the way to a new approach […]

“Theater der Welt” in Düsseldorf ends soberingly with “The Assembly”

July 4, 2021 at 2:04 pm “Theater of the World” in Düsseldorf : The difficult opinion of others Scene from the realistic play “The Assembly”. Photo: Tanja Kernweiss Düsseldorf Four people, four opinions – and little communication. With the theater experiment “The Assembly”, the “Theater der Welt” festival in Düsseldorf ended on a sobering note. […]

Markus Söder wants to award the “Held von Würzburg” medal for bravery

Three women were killed in Würzburg on Friday. Several people opposed the attacker. Söder now wants to pay them a special honor. The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) wants to award courageous helpers of the knife attack in Würzburg with the Bavarian Rescue Medal. “You have shown the highest level of moral courage,” said […]

An Asturian prodigy of music only seven years old

Diego Jack González Barrero, at home, hugging his cello. / MARIO ROJAS Little Diego Jack González Barrero, seven years old, accesses the professional conservatory of Oviedo with the best score of the court Diego Jack González Barrero He is 7 years old, he is going to the first of Primary at Baudilio Arce School in […]

Michigan judge “converts” drug dealer to law

The first time Edward Martell stood up to hear his sentence, in 2005, he already knew that, by Michigan state guidelines, he would face one to 20 years in prison for making and selling crack rocks. — already anticipating a sentence closer to 20 years, because of his criminal record. Ed Martell is sworn in […]

Chimeric macaque and human embryos created

An international team of scientists led by biochemist Juan Carlos Izpisúa has created chimeric macaque and human embryos for the first time, injecting human stem cells into primate embryos. “This work can help us better understand early human development and evolution, as well as provide a platform for disease modeling, drug development and the generation […]

Can Diabetics Eat Fruit? All pages – In Indonesia, diabetes often gets another name as diabetes. This is because diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. As with many other types of diseases, there are many assumptions and myths about diabetes. One of them is diabetics should avoid consuming fruit. Also read: Causes of Diabetes in […]