It has been revealed who will inherit Sándor Ozter’s entire fortune

On October 29, 2021, in the 73rd year of his life, Sándor Ozter passed away, but it has only now been decided who will inherit the actor’s unfathomable wealth. The fate of an incredible legacy is sealed “Today at nine o’clock my husband died of a heart attack, my life is over,” Donatella Failoni announced […]

Sándor Lukács has loved the beautiful Mária for 46 years

Sándor Lukács and Mária Maráczi are already celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary this year: the couple went through a lot together, yet they stood by each other, and now they have revealed the secret of their marriage. The story of an unusual career Sándor Lukács graduated from the College of Theater and Film Arts in […]

Ildikó Keresztes is madly worried about his mother

The singer spoke honestly about the health of her 83-year-old mother, who is suffering from dementia. She wasn’t made to be a singer The Máté Péter award-winning Hungarian singer and actress Ildikó Keresztes will be 58 years old this August, but she continues to work tirelessly, in a way that puts young people to shame: […]

That is why Tamás Vitray and Teri Földi actually separated

Teri Földi left the ranks of the living two years ago, on June 2, 2020: her death shook the country deeply, and of course her ex-husband, Tamás Vitray, with whom the actress had been happily married for 10 years. He was 86 years old As we have previously reported, two years ago the Comedy Theater […]

she also twisted the head of a beautiful actress 19 years younger

Women were fond of Lajos Básti, and the actor did not despise his admirers, which is why it is not surprising that his first wife was a famous Hungarian actress famous far and wide, with whom Básti was 19 years older. The most beautiful Hungarian actor Lajos Básti deservedly became a legendary actor in Hungary: […]

Árpád Lajtos committed suicide after losing his beloved wife, Margit Dajka

Margit Dajka got married four times, but she only really loved her last husband – Árpád Lajtos reciprocated the feelings of the actress, she loved her so much that she even followed Dajka to death. He hasn’t been with us for 36 years We have already reported on the adventurous life and outstanding acting career […]