The Editorial | Pandemic fatigue

In Colombia, mental health care is deficient. It always has been, so as this health crisis continues to drag on, it should be a cause for concern that millions of people – seriously affected by the consequences of the economic challenges and bitter experiences accumulated during the pandemic – do not receive support. to cope […]

Ice storm: a country is experiencing the equivalent of the Quebec crisis of 1998

Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 8:45 am – The port city of Vladivostok in far-eastern Russia is currently buried in staggering amounts of ice, so a state of emergency has been declared. An intense snowstorm has hit the Vladivostok region hard in recent days. The impact of two powerful air masses would have caused this […]

Hurricane Iota. The death toll rises to 44 in Central America

Hurricane Iota has killed at least 44 people in Central America, in landslides and floods, according to a new report released Thursday, which could increase as aid reaches the affected areas. Nicaragua and Honduras, with 21 and 14 dead respectively, pay the heaviest price. Five people also perished in Guatemala, two in Colombia, one in […]

The Weather Network – IN IMAGES – Hurricane Iota: a real disaster

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 8:54 am – Iota, the thirtieth tropical storm of the season, became a Category 5 hurricane as it bathed in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. This cyclone is currently attacking Nicaragua. The island of Providencia has been almost completely devastated. In short : Iota reached category 5; It […]

Athletes injured by lightning strike in Montería show improvement

Authorities confirmed that one of the young men who was injured during a lightning strike on a BMX track in the Bonanza neighborhood of Montería was discharged. The athlete was identified as Alexander González González, 19, who had gone into shock due to the death of his partner. Regarding the health status of the other […]

The most tragic thing about Iota in the islands was experienced at dawn: Ideam

Ideam’s head of forecasts, Daniel Useche, said on Monday that “The most tragic” of the Iota category 5 hurricane in its path through the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina “it was lived at dawn”. “The most tragic thing could be said that it was lived in the early hours of the morning […]

De San Juan Nepomuceno, woman disappeared in avalanche in Panama | THE UNIVERSAL

Very distressed and with practically no news about the disappearance of Mrs. Edith Montes Guzmán, are the relatives of this missing woman in an avalanche that occurred on Wednesday in the province of Chiriquí, in Panama. Edith Monte Guzmán, 67, a native of the municipality of San Juan Nepomuceno (Bolívar), and a resident of Panama […]

Hurricane “Eta” points to Central America

The US National Hurricane Center (NHS) issued a hurricane warning that rapidly escalated to a level 4 from a high of 5 on Nov. 2 with wind speeds of 215 km / h. Prepared to disembark Nicaragua with Honduras. Especially north of Bilvi Nicaragua’s big city on the morning of Nov. 3 local time. And […]

Hurricane, snow and freezing cold: three things to watch out for this week

Monday, October 26, 2020 at 4:00 PM – The last days of October will be hectic continent-wide. Between snowstorms, hurricanes and freezing cold, see what awaits us. Three things to watch for this week 1- Zeta, the 11th hurricane of the season will make landfall in the United States Zeta formed over the past weekend […]