Totalcar – Tests – Nissan Ariya, Qashqai e-Power, Juke Hybrid

47 Gallery: Presentation: Nissan Ariya, Qashqai, Juke The show was held at the Jarama Racecourse in Madrid, which is somewhat alien to the heavily SUV-based palette, but obviously easier to organize. We looked at the new full-hybrid Juke, and the new X-Trail still covered in camouflage with a handkerchief; we were virtually the first in […]

Another hybrid lions in the service of the French gendarmerie

Peugeot is an old supplier to the French Ministry of the Interior – their relationship jumped to a level when police and gendarmes bought significant quantities from the lion brand in late 2020: the two organizations ordered a total of 1,263 Peugeot 5008 recreational vehicles. By November 2022, the crossovers, equipped with a 130-horsepower petrol […]

We were led by Dacia Jogger

We first drove a seven-seater Dacia Jogger from the 110-horsepower gasoline, then switched to the 90-horsepower gasoline, which we used with car gas. At the Essential and Comfort trim level, you will find a standard parking brake lever in the car, in the Extreme version it is already electric and works automatically. The steering wheel […]

We drove: Suzuki Vitara Hybrid 2022

First of all, it seems that Suzuki has chosen weight-saving solutions when developing its own full hybrid drive. Depending on the equipment, the full hybrid Suzuki Vitara is 81 to 63 kilograms heavier than the manual transmission soft hybrid. This means it weighs 1245-1268 pounds with front-wheel drive and 1316-1338 pounds with four-wheel drive. The […]

Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 TFSI Plug-In-Hybrid R

For those who are lovers of numbers, heaven itself on the Volkswagen Touareg R paper. It has data that embarrasses sports cars, it knows more in torque than in a Lamborghini Huraca, and the 5.1-second acceleration sounds dizzy from a car this big. But there’s another side of Bruce Banner, the green giant, who really […]

Demonstration: Range Rover 2022

Not even at Land Rover in the ’60s would have thought the new concept would describe such an arc and fundamentally change the automotive industry. Although the first Range Rover was not yet a true luxury car, it still offered much more than a simple SUV while also having the capabilities to do so. Today […]

The new Kia Niro lives with its surroundings

The new Kia Niro’s environmentally friendly, imaginative solutions and formal details have been reported in detail before. The information just released is still incomplete, but more than anything – it’s a shame that only one Kia has added a new photo. The Niro will be available in the same way with three electrified powertrains, all […]

Toyota Tundra 2022 | Lead

433 horsepower and 790 Nm entertain the person behind the wheel of the all-new hybrid version of the Toyota Tundra. Compared to the fact that the Japanese factory has been developing and producing hybrids for more than thirty years, it took a long time for the system to be implanted in a commercial vehicle – […]

The new Lexus NX in Hungary

Lexus also introduced the second generation NX in Hungary. With more than 170,000 copies found in Europe since its predecessor was unveiled in 2014, the brand also hopes for a new version. We recently got acquainted with the car in Germany, the detailed presentation of which you can read here, but we will take over […]