INTERVIEW. Raphaël Enthoven: “Identity is not a virtue”

Nothing is going well in Krasnaïa since an intentional fire ravaged the Bois Rouge. Will the prudent horse that the animals have given themselves as Regent be worthy of the crime? Should it be replaced by a less soft animal? How will albinos, femellists and animalists behave? Like George Orwell, in Animal Farm, Raphaël Enthoven […]

Presidential in Colombia: Ingrid Betancourt, the return

Here is Ingrid Betancourt again. I am here today to finish what I started with many of you in 2002,”declared the ex-hostage announcing, Tuesday, January 18, his presidential candidacy for May 29 and June 19. Already a candidate twenty years ago, the environmentalist senator had been kidnapped in the middle of the campaign by the […]

French unicorns: where are the women in entrepreneurship?

Nicolas, Cyril, Alexandre… In the list of founders of French unicorns, the first names of women are missing. Of these 26 companies, only one, Vestiaire Collective, was founded by a mixed group. 2 or 3% of projects led by women Behind this assessment, hides a strong inequality between men and women entrepreneurs in access to […]

Presidential 2022. Clash, bet, withdrawal… Echoes of the campaign

Arnaud Montebourg renounces the presidential election, the divorce between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the popular Primary, when will Emmanuel Marcon declare himself a candidate? The echoes of the presidential campaign. On the agenda This Thursday, January 20 morning, six spokespersons for presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse (LR) take stock of Emmanuel Macron. Philippe Juvin (LR) is moving […]

REMARK. France more attractive

France is therefore not doing so badly. In any case better than many grumpy minds say. Otherwise, how to explain that groups as different as the German chemist BASF or the American Eastman have chosen to invest in France. And this trend, which began several years ago, is confirmed. According to the annual EY barometer, […]

November 13: questions from students to two survivors

The lesson was supposed to last two hours. He lay down for almost an extra hour without the slightest fuss. A somewhat special course, it is true. Two of the victims of the attacks of November 13, 2015 came to tell students in the final year of STMG, at Lycée Claude-Bernard in Paris, what they […]

INTERVIEW. Retirement: why subsidized contracts are penalized

The Tuc (collective utility works) represent the first generation of subsidized contracts in the 1980s. They were particularly penalized for their retirement. Here’s why. Claude Wagner, pension specialist at the CFDT. © CFDT Why did the former Tuc lose quarters of retirement? This situation concerns all vocational training trainees. Instead of contributing on the full […]

November 11th Bridge: Should Students Go to Class on Friday?

It would be very tempting, for students from all over France, not to go to class on Friday 12 November, in order to bridge the gap between the public holiday that is Thursday 11 November and the following weekend. But is it possible? The answer is no. The students will have good lessons on Friday, […]