How the corona crisis is impacting the job market

Auto manufacturers start the production line, restaurants and caf├ęs are allowed to open again – Germany is opening its doors. But the problems of the German economy are far from being solved. It is becoming increasingly clear how much the corona crisis could affect the German labor market. The latest evidence: According to a survey […]

School in times of Corona: normality looks different

Berlin Markus Beyer says: “I can no longer – and I now have a hatred for the teachers.” Beyer works in the home office, but his ten-year-old son “bursts into almost every video conference because he is completely underutilized”. The class teacher had a pack of worksheets ready for collection at the school in mid-March. […]

Almost all industries are affected by short-time work

FAccording to the Ifo Institute, almost all industries in Germany resort to short-time work in the Corona economic crisis. The top performers are gastronomy with 99 percent of businesses and hotels with 97 percent, according to the survey published on Tuesday by the Ifo Institute in April. Accordingly, the key automotive industry is equally affected […]

The impact of the shock costs many jobs

Berlin Short-time work will save many jobs. But not all. “The economic shock is so immense that it will not be possible to get through this recession without an increase in unemployment,” says Enzo Weber from the Nuremberg Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research (IAB). The labor market expert warns against comparing the corona […]

Low earners get away the worst with short-time work benefits

Frankfurt The coalition committee has decided to increase short-time work benefits to 70 and 77 percent of the net wage loss from the fourth month. However, calculations by Lorenz Jarass from the Rhein-Main University of Applied Sciences show that high-earning employees on short-time work can already come up with replacement rates for the net loss […]

IAB expects more than three million unemployed

WScientists assume that the corona crisis could have a significantly stronger impact on the German labor market than previously thought. In an analysis published on Friday, the Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research – the research agency of the Federal Employment Agency – predicts that the number of unemployed could rise to over three […]

Almost a fifth of the companies want to cut jobs

Berlin Daimler HR Director Wilfried Porth didn’t gloss over anything: “Obviously something is breaking away at the moment that no one knows if it can be caught up,” the manager said last week. The carmaker had to accept a drop in profits of almost 80 percent in the first quarter, sales of the core brand […]

Migrant workers from the Western Balkans have gained a good foothold

Berlin It was originally intended to relieve the asylum procedure – the so-called Western Balkans regulation. But it has also proven itself as an instrument against the lack of personnel in the German economy. The experience gained shows how the skilled labor immigration law, which came into force at the beginning of March, could be […]

How a law should combat the shortage of skilled workers

Whether in construction, in crafts, in catering or in nursing: personnel are sought everywhere – the current economic downturn has not changed that either. Picture: dpa Roads, bridges, rails: construction is taking place in Germany. But often there is a shortage of workers. Can the new Immigration Act really help companies to remedy the chronic […]

A positive wage balance has a blemish

This also includes tariff increases that were agreed before 2019 but only became effective last year. Only in 2014 and 2018 were there even higher degrees. “The trend towards an expansive wage trend that has been observed for some years has continued,” said the head of the WSI tariff archive, Thorsten Schulten. Recently, however, the […]