The State plays 1,000 million in the viability of Iberia and Air Europa

05/17/2020 05:00 Advanced in Spain is very much at stake in making Iberia and Air Europa viable. Not only because there are important Spanish airlines in the future, with everything that implies in jobs, in the promotion of tourism or in mobility between countries, but by direct exposure through credits and participation in the IAG […]

Fifth Iberia plane with Spanish returnees departs from Ecuador to Madrid

About 285 community citizens, the vast majority of Spaniards, left this Wednesday April 29, 2020 to Madrid in which is the fifth flight of repatriation of Ecuador of the company Iberia since the covid-19 pandemic emergency began. The flight left Quito and made a stopover in Guayaquil to pick up more passengers, last city before […]

Iberia flight from Madrid to Montevideo canceled for May 7

The Iberia airline had set up a flight for May 7 from Madrid to Montevideo but it was finally canceled, Foreign Minister Ernesto Talvi reported on his Twitter account on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, the company that was going to charter the Iberia flight on May 7 canceled it. We are working intensively with Spain to find […]

At IAG, 12,000 jobs are on the brink

British Airways aircraft London The British Airways mother IAG made a billion-dollar loss in the first quarter in view of the corona crisis and is considering drastic job cuts. In the light of the Covid 19 spread and because it will likely take a few years for passenger demand to reach 2019 levels again, the […]

“Lufthansa wants to enrich itself in the state”

London The corona crisis hit the aviation industry particularly hard: For many weeks, the machines of many companies have been standing on the ground unused. But Ryanair “will probably survive significantly longer than any other airline,” says Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary in an interview with the Handelsblatt. “We went into this crisis with almost four […]

Goods instead of tourists: this is how the airlines ‘save’ the quarantine

Saturday,     eleven     April     2020     –         11:53 The air sector is one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.Passenger transport has stopped and this has forced merchandise transport, which at this time vital to guarantee supply, to restructure its activity, especially since the air cargo arrived through commercial flights. The four Spanish airports that receive […]