Totalcar – Magazine – The VW Passat’s electrical equivalent has been shown

The introduction of Volkswagen’s electric car is beginning: a study car named ID.Aero has been unveiled for the time being, although it is likely that the final version will be called differently in Europe. 6 Gallery: Volkswagen ID.Aero 2023- Data on the type have barely been reported: it is certain that the body has an […]

Volkswagen ID. Aero premier Lead

It is not yet clear under what name it will be marketed, but the series version of the study car unveiled today by Volkswagen will be introduced to the European market as early as 2023. The VW Passat gets a brother Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a […]

Totalcar – Magazine – Introducing the electric Passat successor

The model, formerly known as the Aero B, will be unveiled in June. In most markets, tall SUVs also play a major role among electric cars, but lower, car-like models are still selling well in China. Maybe that’s why they decided to unveil a new electric Volkswagen called ID.Aero in the Far East. The date […]