Christmas will be poorer. Mobile phones, consoles and e-bikes may be missing

According to traders, problems with the supply of some products have persisted since last year, and the chances that the situation will improve by Christmas are very low. “This can apply to virtually all consumer goods imported from China and Southeast Asia, whether it is an artificial Christmas tree, a bicycle or a computer,” points […]

IKEA’s new widget makes a mobile charger from any desktop

IKEA is diligently building its offering, which includes furniture that supports wireless charging technology, so that mobile phones can be used as charging stations. In the future, the method will also be available to those who do not want to invest in brand new furniture, as the Swedish company has developed a product that can […]

Verdi calls for warning strikes in retail

During the corona pandemic, many retail workers lost their income. Now they are calling for greater protection through better collective agreements. With warning strikes in the retail trade, the Verdi union wants to emphasize its demand for higher wages in many cities in Lower Saxony on Friday. “Even employees whose companies were temporarily closed due […]

Suddenly HERO Sells IKEA Sentul City for IDR 280 billion, What’s the Wind?

Jakarta – PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (HERO) decided to sell IKEA Sentul City in Bogor for Rp 280 billion. Then what is the reason the company suddenly sells these assets? Launching information disclosure on Wednesday (1/9/2021), HERO’s management explained the background of the company selling IKEA Sentul City, one of which was because the company […]

Ikea goes on an extravagant tour with new collection from Z…

Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has teamed up with eccentric British pattern and textile designer Zandra Rhodes. The result is a collection with many bright colors that gives every interior an exuberant touch. The new line, which will be available in Belgian stores from September and online from 1 euro, has been given the name Karismatisk […]

Special Ikea opens next door

Automation is the newest Ikea store in Vienna, built in the spirit of digitization and sustainability, which will open on August 26, 2021. You will no longer need large shopping carts to shop, a smartphone will suffice. With the help of the Ikea application, the customer can scan the desired product for himself, which he […]

Possible involvement of Thomas Drach in another attack

Dhe public prosecutor’s office in Cologne is investigating a possible involvement of the alleged serial robber Thomas Drach in another robbery in Hesse. According to its own information, the Cologne authority has taken over a case from investigators in Hesse, in which a five-digit amount of money was stolen on September 10, 2018 on the […]

Too many people buy in Ikea, so their supply needs to be narrowed

The Swedish-based global furniture giant is forced to withdraw some of its products from the market because the demand for their products is so high that it is already jeopardizing efficient logistics supply, writes the G7, according to German press reports. Ikea has contracted 10 percent more international shipping capacity this year, but that didn’t […]