Too many people buy in Ikea, so their supply needs to be narrowed

The Swedish-based global furniture giant is forced to withdraw some of its products from the market because the demand for their products is so high that it is already jeopardizing efficient logistics supply, writes the G7, according to German press reports. Ikea has contracted 10 percent more international shipping capacity this year, but that didn’t […]

Life imprisonment for a sadist

IIn the trial of the “Ikea corpse”, the verdict has been pronounced. The two main defendants, mother and son, receive life imprisonment. For the mother, the Darmstadt Regional Court has determined the severity of the guilt, which means that parole after 15 years is excluded. Together with her 26-year-old son Patrick U., the judges are […]

Trial of the Frankfurt “Ikea corpse”: For the joy of tormenting

Dhe psychiatrist has a clear idea of ​​the accused and of what she is capable of. Manuela U. has sadistic traits, she enjoys torturing other people mentally or physically, says Henning Saß as an appraiser at the Darmstadt Regional Court. Its second large criminal chamber has to solve the murder of a woman whose body […]

Giant Closes, Here’s Fitch Ratings’ Astonishing Forecast!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The permanent closure of Giant retail outlets by PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (HERO) starting next July will not necessarily benefit its competitors such as Hypermart, Carrefour and Transmart. This is because retail companies face competition from smaller minimarkets and grocery retailers. Research published by Fitch Ratings explains that while HERO will […]

Giant Closes, Retail Observer: Big Box Doesn’t Evolve, It’s Only Price War

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Retail observer Yongky Susilo assesses that the decision to close all Giant outlets at the end of July 2021 is the impact of a series of changes in consumer behavior in the recent period. Changes in consumer behavior, especially the upper middle class, which shifted from visiting large format stores to smaller […]

The police trace the telephone number of the IKEA Alam Sutera terrorists – The Cipondoh Police, Tangerang admitted that he had traced the phone number of the bomb terror at the IKEA Alam Sutera furniture shopping center. This was done while waiting for the bomb disposal officers from Polda Metro Jaya to arrive at the location. The terrorists, who phoned the IKEA call center, said the […]

Ikea products for pennies: they are arming the system for the British

In the UK, Ikea has launched its long-awaited repurchase system for used furniture, with the obvious aim of reducing the amount of products that go to the trash in the short term, the BBC reported. The new opportunity could help the furniture giant to operate with a climate-positive balance by 2030. Consumers can receive vouchers […]