Sonae IM sells Israeli CB4 to US giant Gap – Technologies

Adding four dozen direct investments since it was created, half a dozen years ago, having already disbursed around 200 million euros, Sonae Investment Management (Sonae IM) has just announced that it has made an “exit” (divestment). The technology investment arm came out of Israeli capital CB4, an artificial intelligence software development company that improves the […]

Saxony: In the labyrinth of romanticism – “Dreams of Freedom” in Dresden

Thursday, September 30, 2021 Saxony In the labyrinth of romance – “Dreams of Freedom” in Dresden German and Russian romantic art has just caused a sensation in Moscow, now it is in Dresden. The exhibition was created in close cooperation between the Tretyakov Gallery and the Albertinum – a novelty. Dresden (dpa / sn) – […]

Messi goal premiere in Paris victory, disgrace for Alaba – football

Paris celebrates Lionel Messi’s first goal in the Champions League 2-0 win against Manchester City. David Alaba received a disgrace with Real. Group A Lionel Messi celebrates his first goal for Paris! In the new edition of the semi-final duel of the previous Champions League season, the superstar scored 2-0 against Manchester City in the […]

In Bamyan, on the site of the Buddhas destroyed 20 years ago by the Taliban

They, the two Buddhas, are gone. But the huge cavities carved into the side of the mountain that housed the statues remain as a painful indictment against the brutality Taliban. Impossible to ignore them, they dominate the entire Bamiyan valley. Two black shadows mark the walls of light brittle rock for tens of meters high, […]

Study reveals that recovering lost sleep takes longer than you think

An article published on CNN based on World Sleep Day statistics reports that sleep problems constitute a “global epidemic that threatens the health and quality of life of up to 45% of the world’s population. Many believe that it is possible to recover from this sleep deficit by sleeping well for a night or two, […]

Star Wars Armada – Galactic Republic Fleet Starter Kit

Play epic battles in the Star Wars universe Contains miniatures already painted and assembled Many extensions available Contains among other things 9 attack dice, 4 activation indicators, 10 command orders, 8 push wheels, 6 ship cards, 12 objective cards, 20 upgrade cards, 1 scale, 1 maneuvering aid The galaxy is sinking into war! Led by […]