Actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya decided to bequeath her apartment to neighbors

Actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya said that she decided to bequeath her apartment to neighbors. She told about this in an interview with the portal The woman complains about the inattention of Masha’s granddaughter and accuses her of attempting to take possession of housing in Yasenevo. The actress is now undergoing treatment at the First City […]

It became known what words of Biden impressed Americans

New Yorkers were delighted with Biden’s words about minorities and unity. The newly elected president’s address to the nation was broadcast in Times Square. The Americans enthusiastically promised to support all of Joe Biden’s endeavors after he announced that he had come not to divide, but to unite. The Democratic candidate has already received 290 […]

Anna Semenovich, who had a coronavirus, complained of strange consequences

Singer, actress and TV presenter Anna Semenovich told Instagram that after she had had coronavirus, she could not sleep normally. She has insomnia, even valerian does not help. “They say there is such a plug after an illness that the virus greatly affects the nervous system,” said the TV star. Semenovich asked for advice from […]

Billie Eilish was blacklisted by the US government

American singer Billie Eilish was blacklisted by the US government for “destroying the country.” According to The Washington Post, a certain official has prepared a project according to which contracts related to the campaign against the coronavirus will be terminated with some celebrities. They are said to have been concluded with 274 famous people, and […]

The next prime minister of Lithuania became known

The opposition conservatives won the second round of elections to the Seim (parliament) of Lithuania. They immediately began negotiations to create a ruling center-right coalition with the Liberal Movement and the Freedom Party. Thus, the “Union of the Fatherland – Lithuanian Christian Democrats” secured 50 mandates for itself, and together with partners will receive a […]

Named a sweetness that protects against hypertension and cholesterol

+ A – Revealed the irreplaceable role of cocoa beans There is one sweetness that helps improve heart and brain function, Insider reports. It is noted that it is dark chocolate. Also protects against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that remove toxins from the body and improve blood circulation. Thanks to dark chocolate, […]

There was information about the hospitalization of Lukashenko

In Belarus, local media reported that the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko was hospitalized. A number of channels reported that the Belarusian leader allegedly had a hypertensive crisis. There have also been reports of stroke. However, Lukashenko’s press secretary Natalya Eismont denied the reports. “You won’t wait,” she said. Meanwhile, sources in the Belarusian president’s administration […]

Peskov spoke about the future of heads of regions with low turnout

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he was waiting for the heads of those regions that showed low turnout and a low percentage of approval of constitutional amendments. According to him, they should do their daily work. According to him, they should work “on the development of their regions, on the implementation of federal plans taking […]