“Get people out of the camps!” (Neues-deutschland.de)

Photo: Björn Obmann “Get people out of the camps!” Echoes from all sides across the wide square in front of the Brandenburg Gate. There are some 50 people between Tiergarten and Pariser Platz, some putting on a few old shoes, others painting footprints on the asphalt with chalk. “It’s a sign that we were here, […]

Future of the CDU: cabal and blows

Future of the CDU What’s next in the CDU? Does Friedrich Merz win? And what happens in Thuringia? Answers to the most important questions He wants to know it again: Friedrich Merz visits the Forum Mittelstand Photo: Hans Christian Plambeck / laif Who wins the power struggle in the CDU? Armin Laschet has a good […]

Before demonstration in Thuringia: confrontation with protest

Before demonstration in Thuringia The alliance #unteilbar calls for a large demonstration in Erfurt. It is still questionable whether it will really be a major demo. Juso boss Kevin Kühnert at a #Non-us-demo on 8.2.2020 in Berlin Photo: reuters / Hilse More than 10,000 people are expected in Erfurt next Saturday. Under the motto “#notmituns […]