French restaurateur wins against Axa insurance

Empty gastronomy According to a court ruling, his insurer has to pay for the operating losses of a French restaurant operator. (Photo: dpa) Paris This is a decision that could have serious consequences for the legal assessment of the lockdown: Stéphane Manigold, a French operator of four restaurants, won against the insurer Axa in a […]

The longing for your own holiday home is growing

Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Athens, Rome The lockdown fires the wanderlust. The desire for carefree holidays, preferably in the safety of your own four walls, grows with the quarantine every day. But the pandemic is also fueling uncertainty. Closed borders, the fear of the deepest recession in the post-war period and the fear of a second […]

The next merger is likely to follow on the property market

Flags in front of the headquarters of the real estate group LEG The housing group talks to its competitor TAG Immobilien about a merger. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt As it should be for the happy month of May, the domestic real estate companies are looking for a partner. It has now become known that the LEG […]

Insurer Axa loses in dispute over restaurant closings

Waiter with a mask Bars and restaurants have been closed in many countries to slow the spread of the corona virus. (Photo: Bloomberg) Paris The French industry giant AXA has suffered a defeat in the dispute over business closure insurance for hotels and restaurants in the corona crisis. A commercial court awarded the operator of […]

Real estate in Corona times: “Crises also offer bargains”

Frankfurt Michael Hüther is in demand these weeks. In the public discussion about ways out of the corona shutdown and the economic consequences of the crisis, the director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research regularly speaks up – most recently in cautionary terms, for example, about the risk to the existence of some industries. […]

Corona shocks the venture capital market

Hard times The previously positive mood on the venture capital market has deteriorated significantly since the outbreak of the corona virus. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt The German start-ups and their donors are in their toughest test. The uncertain effects of the corona pandemic have unsettled the German venture capital market. The business climate plummeted to an […]

The future for project developers is uncertain

Erfurt The heart still says yes, the head no – this is how Peter Ottmann, head of the Nürnberg Messe Group, announces the end of the large-scale project “NCC Süd”. The exhibition center should be enlarged by 2024. The operator wanted to invest a good 200 million euros. The total would have weighed twice as […]

Emirates and Etihad: Golf airlines must finally merge

Parked Emirates aircraft in Dubai The airlines do not see passengers returning fully before 2023. (Photo: Bloomberg) Good news has covered up the gloomy prospect for the airline that has so far grown so aggressively on the Gulf: For the first time, an Etihad Airways aircraft has landed in Israel – to deliver relief supplies […]

Cinema operators expect a disastrous year

Dusseldorf Gregory Theile is the fourth generation to run the Kinopolis family business, but there has never been anything like this in the company’s history, he says. Within a few days he had to shut down his business “to zero”. “The income has completely collapsed,” says Theile. With 17 locations nationwide, his company is one […]

Economic miracle in Europe: Eastern trade grew despite the crisis

Berlin Without the east of Europe, the situation in Germany would be even worse economically than it already is because of the corona crisis. Because while the German gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter with a minus of 2.2 percent has fallen more sharply than ever since the international financial crisis in 2008 […]