Bosch invests three billion in chip production

Machine for plating wafers with gold The development center in Dresden is to be massively expanded. (Photo: dpa) Stuttgart, Munich The new Bosch boss Stefan Hartung is speeding up the expansion of the semiconductor division. “We will invest three billion euros in our chip production by 2026,” said the Bosch boss, who has been in […]

Consumers keep their money together

Shop in downtown Hamburg The purchasing power of people in Germany has fallen significantly. (Foto: Bloomberg/Getty Images) Düsseldorf These are not easy times for consumers. The prices for many everyday products are rising unchecked, reserves are falling, and hardly a day goes by without warning of high back payments for ancillary costs and further jumps in […]

The economy and inflation dampen demand

Frankfurt Due to the negative economic outlook and the sharp increase in inflation, the rating agency Assekurata expects demand for life insurance products to fall. “The high inflation restricts the savings possibilities of many citizens and eats away at the real interest on the policies,” said Managing Director Reiner Will on Tuesday when presenting a […]

Medium-sized companies are suffering from energy costs and want to increase prices

three-phase meter Medium-sized companies have to deal with the energy prices – many want to increase the prices. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt, Berlin Rising energy and raw material costs are increasingly becoming a burden for Germany’s medium-sized companies. “Above all, the extremely sharp rise in prices for many raw materials and preliminary products as well as […]

That’s why tech stocks are attractive to investors again

Big tech company logos Technology companies are growing faster. They generate the highest profits. But the shares are overvalued. Statements one and two remain true, statement three no longer. That should make investors sit up and take notice. Technology stocks on what is by far the world’s most important stock exchange, the American Nasdaq, have […]

Customers must expect increasing contributions

München It was the biggest change in the history of insurance giant Allianz in Germany. About a year ago, the Dax group announced the end of its German national company. The property, life and health insurance units as well as sales remained intact. The realignment with new responsibilities, new teams and more personal responsibility has […]

BASF balance sheet check: The Russian mortgage of the chemical company

BASF balance sheet check As far as prospects and stock market performance are concerned, some uncertainties and weaknesses are revealed at the Ludwigshafen chemical company. (Photo: dpa [M]) Frankfurt The shareholders of the chemical group BASF have to deal with an unusually ambivalent constellation at the general meeting on Friday. As far as operational development […]

Greece: Hellas banks face new loan defaults

Plato statue and a Greek flag over Athens The Greek financial institutions have recently reduced the NPE ratio in a remarkable way. But the energy crisis is creating new concerns. (Foto: Bloomberg) Athens Greece’s banks have had a long dry spell. After the sovereign debt crisis, the four systemic institutions – Alpha Bank, Eurobank, National Bank […]

Deutsche Bank predicts the end of the price spiral

property prices View of a street with residential buildings in Düsseldorf. Real estate prices have been rising for years. A study by Deutsche Bank is now predicting a turnaround. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Upwards, always upwards: According to the latest data from the Federal Statistical Office, prices for German residential property rose at a record pace […]