Mulan Jameela’s Deadly Flirt Turns Off, Ahmad Dhani Tega …

Grid.ID – The life story of Mulan Jameela and Ahmad Dhani has always been the spotlight. Moreover, it is rumored that the two started a relationship from an affair. Until then, a bad seal was attached to the two niches. Read Also: A Mother’s Day Laughing Out For Asking For A Feeling In The Future, […]

Young people discover infidelity of the boyfriend and agree to murder him

Mexico state.- Ana Laura “N” and Alhelí “N”, originally from the State of Mexico, discovered that they were deceived by the same man, so they organized to commit a heinous crime with the help of two other people. According to information from the authorities, the subjects followed the victim for several meters until the women […]

Research Reveals the Type of People Most Often Affected, Like What? Page all – It seems everyone agrees on the notion that infidelity is the highest betrayal in a relationship. There is a lot of research that reveals the ins and outs of infidelity. But this research is interesting to note further, namely research on those who are cheated. Even though cheating is not the victim’s fault, […]

OMG! Ashley Benson responds to rumors of infidelity to Cara Delevingne with G-Eazy

After two years of a romantic relationship (with some breakups and comebacks in between), a few days ago it was revealed that one of our favorite couples had separated: British top model Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson, the star of ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Although there were many rumors that they were engaged and about to […]

They claim that Karla Panini’s husband is cheating on her with a driver

Karla Panini assures that her career as a comedian is part of the past and shows great regret for what she lived.Photo: screenshot MEXICO CITY. After the controversy that has been revived in the case of Karla Panini, Américo Garza and Karla Luna, Images of Panini giving his testimony in a Christian church have come […]