Madagascar: Foreign Minister sacked after a vote condemning Russia at the UN

#Other countries : The Malagasy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Richard Randriamandranto has just revealed the reasons for his dismissal from the government. This decision follows his vote condemning “Russia’s illegal annexations of Ukraine”, during the UN General Assembly, on October 12, 2022. The Malagasy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Richard Randriamandranto, was sacked by the President […]

Animal health in Gabon: pets switch to vaccine

#Gabon : Every October, the Gabonese government conducts a week-long campaign against rabies and other diseases common to humans and animals. A saving initiative, since not all pets are properly vaccinated in the country. This umpteenth annual operation exclusively concerned dogs. Under the tents erected by the veterinarians of the General Directorate of Livestock at […]

Mali: the inspiring journeys of two people with disabilities

#Mali : Disability is not inevitable. More and more people with disabilities manage to get by thanks above all to their pugnacity. Mamadou Thiam and Dognan Boubacar Diarra tell us about their journeys strewn with rejections, exclusions, but also solidarity. In Mali, if disability was a fatality in the recent past, this is no longer […]

After Covid-19, WHO and Gavi to deploy Africa’s first malaria vaccine

#Ivory Coast : After having strongly contributed to the access of African countries to anti-Covid-19 vaccines, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance will do it again with the first vaccine against malaria, which kills hundreds of thousands of children every year. After Covid-19, the WHO and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, an […]

Mauritania: the 30% rise in fuel prices leads to soaring transport prices

#Mauritania : Under the effect of the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict which has caused a global energy crisis, fuel prices (gasoline and diesel) have increased by 30% in Mauritania since last weekend . In the process, the carriers increased their rates by 100%. Faced with soaring oil prices, the Mauritanian government took the decision to sharply […]

DRC: In Kinshasa, road users reward honest police officers

#Other countries : At dawn, in a working-class district of Kinshasa, a driver stops and hands a handful of small denominations to the traffic policeman. The scene is common in the bustling capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where police officers frequently extort citizens to supplement their meager salaries. But unlike some of her […]