What do the representatives of Pilsen think about the threat of further dismissal of employees from large manufacturing companies in the city? | Politics News Plzeňská Drbna

Following the announced transfer of TV production from the Panasonic factory in Pilsen to another country, around 450 regular employees of the company should lose their jobs in Pilsen at the end of March next year. Given the current situation, it cannot be ruled out that Panasonic will be followed in Pilsen by other manufacturing […]

Honors the legendary book illustrator by Foglar and Batlička by unveiling a memorial plaque at his birthplace | Culture | News Plzeňská Drbna

His drawings and illustrations are known to all readers of the cult books by Jaroslav Foglar and Otakar Batlička, as well as other adventure novels, comics and also from a number of challenging “pin-up girls” and construction posters. A memorial plaque at the birthplace of the forgotten and rediscovered legendary illustrator Bohumil ‘Bimba’ Konečný will […]