9 reasons why you always feel tired – Wel.nl

You always feel tired while not working ridiculously long days, not drinking too much and also sleeping reasonably well. What could it be? The doctors at Cleveland Health think the following: Anemia If you have an iron deficiency, you are not making enough red blood cells. These cells are necessary to provide your body with […]

‘Largest plumes ever seen’ – Wel.nl

NASA found as many as 50 super-ejectors of methane from space. Some were hitherto unknown. This concerns oil and gas facilities in the US, Iran and Turkmenistan, among others. The US space agency was able to register the methane with an imaging spectrometer that hangs under the ISS and is actually intended to study the […]

all that hand washing was probably useless – Wel.nl

We had to wash our hands, said the prime minister. We had to sing a song while washing our hands and only stop when the song was over, the Minister of Health knew. At the beginning of the pandemic, we thought our lives depended on hand washing and not touching shopping carts that had not […]

House prices are falling fast, but for how long? – Wel.nl

House prices are falling rapidly. Buyers will want to wait until the market has really collapsed. Or is that not so wise? Housing market expert Paul de Vries of the Land Registry thinks that the collapse will not be too bad. He says to the AD: “Everyone wonders: what will happen to the value of […]

then the guilder will return – Wel.nl

The Ministry of Finance has a scenario ready for if things go wrong with the euro. Because the economic situation in the eurozone is currently so uncertain, the House of Representatives has asked to see these plans. Minister of Finance, Sigrid Kaag, has promised that the House will have access to these emergency scenarios, which […]

The Dutch are saving massively on gas consumption – Wel.nl

Private customers of energy company Eneco have made significant savings on their gas consumption in recent weeks. Adjusted for weather influences, they have been using 20 to 25 percent less gas since September 1, the company says. The percentage applies to approximately 2 million private Eneco customers together. Of the more than 230,000 customers who […]

Why some very old people still have a sharp mind and others don’t

One eighty-year-old becomes demented, while the other remains super sharp. One possible reason: the size of neurons in the brain. Very elderly people with a sharp mind have much larger neurons in part of their brains than people who are many years younger. This is according to research from the American Northwestern University. That part […]

‘If only I had put my house up for sale sooner’ – Wel.nl

The trees grew into the sky. Until they were cut down. House prices fell at an unprecedented rate in the past quarter. In recent years there have been price increases of 20 percent per year, now we are stuck at a meager 2 percent. This is mainly due to the past quarter in which house […]

‘Entire dishwasher was covered in blood’ – Wel.nl

Eloise, the king’s niece, keeps the country informed about her life as a student in Amsterdam via Instagram. Earlier this week, she was found to have a bandage on her wrist. The countess told Saturday evening in a live session on Instagram how she accidentally cut her arm with the knife that was in the […]

‘Limburg beer since 1340’ is complete nonsense – Wel.nl

Brand’s brewery is (largely) based in Wijlre and many people who value traditions are angry about this. But are many of those ‘age-old’ traditions correct? It is often a cleverly invented marketing story. The label ‘the oldest brewery in the Netherlands’ bears the brand Brand with verve. Unfortunately, it’s a fairy tale that they came […]