These are five companies that are already accepting Bitcoin

It is no longer just individuals who are investing in Bitcoin, with its expansion there are already companies that use them to invest in their businesses With the rapid growth of digital currenciesespecially Bitcoin, numerous companies have begun to use them to invest in their businesses. MasterCard MasterCard had adopted the patent related to 30 […]

your doubts about the future of the pandemic

Although generally optimistic, or at least objective, Bill Gates believes that there may still be problems with the Covid-19 pandemic The creator of Microsoft that the news that will arrive during the next months will not be good. “With winter (in the United States and Europe), the virus will multiply more when we spend more […]

the incredible story of its founder Gabe Newell

This is a personality who not only created the furor online gaming platform, but also designed some titles and even worked at Microsoft In the universe of online commerce, the colossi are almost defined: Amazon, Alibaba or Mercado Libre can be cited when referring to the mass market. But if it is about games, no […]

Marcos Galperín’s tips to build your ecommerce venture

The story of Marcos Galperin and the success he had with his venture, positions him to advise entrepreneurs to achieve their goals Galperin He grew up in a family dedicated to a traditional business. He studied at a university in the Ivy Leaguand. He launched his own company in a garage. It grew, it was […]

What will AT&T do with its DirecTV business in Latin America?

For months, the phone company has been looking to get rid of different peripheral businesses that are not paying off After several back and forth, it was confirmed that AT&T will keep your business from DirecTV in Latin America. Regardless of the fact that its global business is for sale, if the transaction goes through, […]

This is how it impacts the body to spend 10 hours in front of the computer

Since the beginning of their quarantine, many people have been at home and have led a much more sedentary life than on any other occasion. The pandemic It caused that in most countries of the world security measures were adopted to prevent the spread of the virus. Among these measures was isolation, which included the […]

more unusual cases computer services

A computer repairman posted on Twitter a photo of a client’s computer that had a very particular flaw. And the comments broke out In times of distancing physical force forced by the pandemic, e-commerce grew, telecommuting, distance education and other activities that require a computer. Hence, also increase the work of the technical services. Read […]

These are the 10 leadership lessons that Steve Jobs leaves us

Steve Jobs was and continues to be one of the great figures in the corporate world, and his influence and example transcends the realm of technology Steve Paul Jobs, such his full name, perhaps he never imagined the global impact that he generated by being a outstanding businessman of the computing world: he was the […]

Apple stops using Intel processors: the reasons

The company stressed that the change will allow these devices to be compatible with iPhone and iPad apps. How it affects the industry Apple announced during its developer event WWDC20 this monday what will start producing its own processors for its line of Mac laptops under the name of Apple Silicon, as an alternative to […]

new iOS update may damage the screen

Updating the operating system to iOS 13.4 or iOS 13.5 produces a uniform green coloration on some models Some users of the devices iPhone 11 Pro y Pro Max have started to experience a uniform green color on their device screen after being unlocked. The cause of this problem is found, as explained by affected […]