an undercover policeman assaulted on the subway for his gold chain

The assault took place on the evening of October 7 on the platform of Saint-Paul station on line 1. The official was prescribed three days of ITT. A plainclothes police officer was attacked and had his gold chain stolen on Friday October 7 at Saint-Paul station, on line 1 of the Paris metro, learned Le […]

family demands ‘the truth’

A young 18-year-old woman, a passenger in a vehicle, was killed on the night of Tuesday October 4 to Wednesday October 5, in Grenoble, hit by a shot during an exchange of gunfire with the police. The family of the young woman killed in a chase interspersed with exchanges of fire with the police on […]

suspect charged and imprisoned

The 34-year-old man, presented to an investigating judge at the end of his police custody, is being prosecuted for “attempted murders in an organized gang and on persons holding public authority”. A 34-year-old man, arrested on Saturday October 1 after a shooting in a bar in Grenoble followed by a chase with the police, was […]

six Romanians indicted for theft of boat engines

Six Romanians have been indicted for thefts of engines and boat equipment spanning more than a year in several departments including Gironde, with damage estimated at 320,000 euros, we learned on Saturday from the police station. Spotted in France at the end of September on their return from Romania where they had spent the summer, […]

in Nantes, a thousand demonstrators against insecurity

By Thibault Dumas Published yesterday at 7:03 p.m., Update 13 hours ago Demonstration against insecurity in Nantes, Saturday October 1, 2022. Thibault Dumas/Le Figaro REPORTAGE – The rally took place in the city center, after a week marked by several news items. The mayor of the city, Johanna Rolland, asks for 80 additional police officers […]

two young men with serious gunshot wounds

They were targeted by an individual arriving on an electric scooter. The judicial police are in charge of the investigation. Two men aged 20 and 22 were seriously injured by bullets on the night of Saturday August 20 to Sunday August 21 in Grenoble, the shooter remaining on the run, police and Grenoble public prosecutor […]