Quiet Quitting: Duty to Rule | DORDA Lawyers

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Energy, loans, insurance: Expert: This is how consumers can currently save

03/02/2023 10:13 a.m. – 03:28 p.m Energy, credit, insurance Expert: This is how consumers can currently save Inflation remains high, heating and electricity prices are going crazy and wages are not keeping pace – many consumers are currently facing completely new cost calculations. The head of the Bremen consumer center, Annabel Oelmann, gives tips on […]

How and where does the online ID card work?

The connection to the app is made via the aforementioned NFC function, put your mobile phone on the ID card, enter your PIN and off you go. If you no longer have a PIN letter, you can easily have your PIN set up at the city or district ID card office, free of charge and […]

VSV/Kolba: Test case against Generali for life insurance

Faulty design sold to young customers via boar squads Vienna (OTS) – The consumer protection association (VSV) is conducting a test case against Generali Versicherung. It’s about unit-linked life insurance, which was touted as a great way to build up wealth and at the same time it was advertised that you could withdraw […]

Kidney diseases – which symptoms show what

Rewrite this content How is the Anatomy of the kidneys? The kidneys are paired organs located in the human body on either side of the spine between the abdominal cavity and the back muscles at the level of the lower ribs. More specifically, between the twelfth thoracic vertebra and the third lumbar vertebra, with the […]