Victims of the Sivas Massacre Commemorated on its 27th Anniversary:

Home page > News > Agenda 72SHARING 02/07, 12:09 Share on Facebook Share on TwitterAdd to your favorites.Remove from your favorites. 27 years ago, Madımak Hotel, where artists and intellectuals went to Sivas for Pir Sultan Abdal Festivals, was set on fire by a group of attackers. The perpetrators of the massacre, in which 35 […]

The terminus of Onfray – Liberation

Media philosopher and furious, Michel Onfray creates a magazine which will be called Popular Front. Truly misleading reference: nothing to do with the summer of 1936, Leon Blum or reformist socialism. “We must read separately” Front “and” popular “”, said Onfray, which we understand very quickly. It is in fact a question of bringing together […]

At war with boredom: smoky trip-hop, spaghetti and souvenirs

With a Nazi architect “Walking is forbidden, we still have the process, in particular that of the artists”, jokes Guillaume Monsaingeon, curator of “Steps, Steps”, in a video that serves as a substitute for the exhibition. Open on February 8, the cultural event closed its doors but is not treading water. Since it is no […]

Disastrous incident in Aydın! The floor of the house collapsed suddenly

The incident occurred in the wedding house in the Büyükonurlar Mevkii of the Akçaköy District of the Köşk district in the evening. Come and the groom came home after the wedding. Many guests came home with the newly married couple. Meanwhile, the living room part of the house collapsed a thousand times. With the severity […]

Psychology: The pedantic and the cheesy | Opinion

The pedantic and the cheesy are not the same, but they sprout from the same source. Both qualities are marked, in effect, by an overreacted and vigilant stretch that does not allow itself to lose sight of any detail. In addition, it is not enough to be pedantic or cheesy for a while and then […]

Artists and intellectuals, against the censorship of the Bolsonaro Government | Opinion

The undersigned denounced the attacks on Brazilian democratic institutions committed by the Government of Jair Bolsonaro. Since January 1, 2019, when Bolsonaro assumed power as president of Brazil, we have witnessed an authoritarian escalation, reflected in a systematic attempt to control and restrict several Brazilian cultural, scientific and educational institutions, as well as the press. […]