Serious traffic accident on the B 414 between Hof and Salzburg

Press release of 11/29/2022 On Tuesday morning (November 29) there was a serious traffic accident at around 11.45 a.m. on the B 414 between Hof and Salzburg. According to the current status of the investigation, two cars collided in oncoming traffic for reasons that have not yet been clarified. (Photo: RS […]

People in “WällerLand”: passionately committed to nature and people

Press release of 11/24/2022 Anyone who is often out and about in “WällerLand” may have already met Rolf Koch in his capacity as environmental officer for the Westerburg municipality – at the Wiesensee or in the forest when he is checking things out. Koch has been committed to the environment and nature in the region […]

Urgently needed blood donations – everyone is in demand, now!

Press release of 11/22/2022 In order to be able to supply the clinics and medical practices on a daily basis, the DRK blood donation service in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland needs a continuous number of blood donations. With less blood than needed being donated in recent months, important weeks are now beginning in terms of patient […]

Sports Stars awarded by the Verbandsgemeinde of Churches

Press release of 11/17/2022 With gratitude and recognition for the benefit of sport, another sports prize (Stars of Sports) was awarded in consultation with Mayor Andreas Hundhausen and sports officer Klaus-Jürgen Griese after the introduction of the Sport Honorary Award in the parish of Kirchen. From left Uli Merzhäuser, Kai Pfeifer, […]

No more financial pressure: How consumers protect themselves from the debt trap

Message from 10.11.2022 Energy costs at record highs, skyrocketing food prices and expensive fuel: it is becoming increasingly expensive to make a living and high inflation is making the situation worse for consumers. With low income and a lack of reserves, private households quickly find themselves in financial difficulties. With negative credit bureau, even borrowing […]

“Ada and the equation of happiness”: Sonja Roos reads in Hachenburg

Press release from 29.10.2022 On November 10, Sonja Roos will read from her novel “Ada and the Equation of Happiness”, which was published in August and which she wrote under the synonym Sienna David, at the invitation of the Werner A. Güth public library in Hachenburg in the Vogtshof. The reading begins at 7:30 p.m. […]