Cartabia at work on prisons: ‘alternative penalties under 4 years’ – Chronicle

“The implementation of the delegation for the criminal trial, the legislative decrees of which are being drawn up and will be brought to the Council of Ministers shortly, has an important part concerning the alternative sentences of short prison sentences of up to 4 years”: in place of prison, semi-release, home detention, public utility work […]

To police call 110: Until midnight on the first

DOen sauce on the table, macho behavior and a good portion of old-fashioned jokes: One can only hope that the Munich homicide squad was fictionalized in “Police Call 110: Until Midnight”. It is precisely in this group of men that Kriminaloberkommissar Elisabeth Eyckhoff (Verena Altenberger) is transferred and everyone just calls it “Bessie”. Eyckhoff doesn’t […]