Beats Fit Pro in the US for more than two months is finally available in Hong Kong

The Beats Fit Pro wireless earphones, released in early November last year, were initially only available in the U.S. market, and are now finally available in international markets including Hong Kong. The body design of the Beats Fit Pro is similar to the Studio Buds, but it has ear wings that improve the stability when […]

Motorola’s new flagship frontier 22 specs are first to explode

In addition to the Moto Edge 30 Pro shared yesterday, it seems that Motorola has another flagship phone ready to launch. The German website WinFuture uploaded pictures of the phone codenamed Frontier 22 yesterday, as well as specifications and configuration information. This phone may be for overseas markets. Special design. According to the pictures and […]

Dimensity 9000 beats Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Exynos 2200

3 flagship mobile processors on the market, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile phone products listed first, while the outside world is still waiting for mobile phones using MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and Samsung Exynos 2200. Although there are two processors that are not yet officially out of the street, their latest data has appeared […]

Apple applies for technology patent, AirPods Pro 2 new features exposed

A few days ago, we shared the news of the “Bloomberg” column that Apple will release a number of new products this fall, including the AirPods Pro 2. Now the website AppleInsider found that Apple has recently applied for a technology patent involving noise cancellation, which is estimated to be possible. Adopted in AirPods Pro […]

Hackers use OpenSea flaw to steal $1 million in NFT assets

At present, 97% of NFT transactions in the market are conducted through OpenSea. Yesterday, a vulnerability was discovered in this platform. Hackers successfully exploited the vulnerability to purchase NFT assets at lower than market prices. The report said that at least three hackers exploited the vulnerability yesterday and purchased at least eight NFT assets with […]

WhatsApp develops new features to transfer Android data to iPhone more easily

Replacing a new mobile phone is quite annoying for some users, especially the cross-platform data conversion. WhatsApp is the instant messaging platform we often use, but today, if Android users want to switch to iPhone, there is still no simple and direct way The method to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS. However, the […]

Galaxy A53 5G unpublished, photos of disassembled parts leaked first

Although the outside world focuses on the flagship of the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung’s mid-range mobile phones are the most popular products in the market. The Galaxy A53 5G, which was first exposed in November last year, has not yet been published, but the website 91Mobiles has already obtained this product. A disassembled photo of […]