food, kinesiology and medicine, all at the service of La Scaloneta

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE The daily routine begins with pure mate but has planning and professionals who work in silence in search of the best for Messi and company. When in the Argentina barely a couple of hours after midnight, more than 13,000 kilometers away, on the edge of the Arabian peninsula, the mate of Lionel Messi […]

Why the symptoms of the new covid variant escape the tests

Covid rapid detection test. / BC Experts warn that antigen tests are no longer as reliable in detecting new variants of covid-19 as XE and believe that the number of infections may be higher than it seems. The ‘flu’ of the covid pandemic has caused a spike in new infections coinciding with the end of […]

Labor ‘presentism’, an invisible threat that affects companies | Trends

In recent years, within companies a phenomenon known as labor presenteeism began to be reflected, a factor that affects employees and that is presented as a response to work stress, demotivation and excess tasks, among other causes. Nevertheless, this problem also became a threat to the productivity and growth of organizations. Presentism is something that […]

Discover the invisible – Faro de Vigo

The vice-principal, the tutor and the speaker (from left to right), with the first-year ESO students from IES O Couto. | // BRAIS LORENZO At public institute of O Couto They have been participating for several years in an activity promoted by the Ministry of Equality for students to discover the most invisible women scientists […]