Why novice drivers should buy a VAZ-2115 instead of a foreign car

A number of experts consider the Russian sedan one of the leading bestsellers. After obtaining a driver’s license, young people often face the challenge of choosing between a domestic car or a used foreign car. This choice is complicated by the fact that budgets for novice drivers are limited, so you can’t count on cars […]

Why LADA Vesta will never enter the premium segment

The Russian budget sedan upsets the features of the assembly of the passenger compartment and body. Back in 2015, the LADA Vesta appeared on the Russian market, which made a lot of noise. Such a car was the first brainchild of AvtoVAZ, received in serial execution an X-shaped design, which became the new DNA brand. […]

Love passed – became enemies? Pugacheva peculiarly avenged Kirkorov

The prima donna did not even wish Philip a happy birthday. The relationship between Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov seems strange to many. After the divorce, the prima donna and the pop king continue to maintain friendly relations, despite the fact that the singer has already managed to marry Maxim Galkin. Kirkorov is a frequent […]

Russian “vagovody” disappointed in the Skoda Superb 2020

Claims to the “luxury” liftback are enough even for fans of the brand. By themselves, the times have passed when Skoda’s products were considered budgetary and affordable for people. By 2020, of the models cheaper than 1 million rubles, only Skoda Rapid is sold in Russia – almost the only Skoda car that is not […]

LADA Priora or Subaru Outback with mileage?

The issue price is 200,000 rubles. Many motorists, in the pursuit of economy, give the choice of buying a used car, rather than a brand new “swallow”. On the pages of the thematic community, they voted in an attempt to find out which car is better with a modest budget of 200,000 rubles. The main […]

Why UAZ “Patriot” for a long time no one will “kill”

UAZ detractors overlook several important nuances. Recently, the network began to actively promote the opinion that the Chinese Haval H5, formerly known as the Great Wall Hover H3 / H5, returning to the Russian market, will become the “killer” of our “Patriot”. However, UAZ is also guilty of such nicknames – the upcoming new generation […]