How much does the car’s luggage rack affect fuel consumption?

Rewrite this content It is an element that provides space solutions but can unnecessarily increase spending. The cargo space it offers the trunk of a car is often not enough, especially when you have to go on a trip for several days. The solution many find is to use a roof rack to add extra […]

They issue an orange alert for intense storms: which provinces it affects

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued an orange alert for intense storms in four provinces of the center-west of the country: Mendoza, La Pampa, Neuquén and Río Negro. In Mendoza, the area under alert includes the south of the province, in the Malargüe area, where there will be “strong and locally severe storms, which may […]

how it affects each sign

During November 8, 2022, the total eclipse of the full moon in taurus, at 08:02 from Argentina. The astrologer and creator of Aprendé astrología Mercedes Casini account to Clarion what this event is about astronomically and astrologically. Also, what does it bring on a collective level, how it impacts each sign and suggests some suggested […]

iSaving Office | Keys to get mortgages for young people under 35

The 12-month Euribor has again reached a maximum and this Thursday has raised to 2.733%, its highest daily price since January 13, 2009. With this, another annual ceiling is set and the provisional average for October rises, which already stands at 2.6% and comfortably exceeds 300 basis points compared to the same month of 2021. […]

Euribor and mortgage date: how it influences

In the middle of the scene rise in the euribor, variable-rate mortgages go up for everyone… but they don’t go up equally for everyone. There are two main factors that will determine the increase in your loanand these are the year of contracting or signing of the mortgage, on one side, and the amount that […]

An outbreak of Covid affects a quarter of the elderly in Carlet’s home

Enter Carlet’s residence in a file image. / LP Insulation plant is complete and is isolated to those affected, mostly mild in their rooms on other floors In the same week that the obligation to wear masks indoors has been removed, data is known that shows that the pandemic is not yet over. In the […]

An outbreak of covid affects 45 prisoners in the Zuera prison

A coronavirus outbreak currently affects a total of 45 inmates interned in the Zuera penitentiary, in the province of Zaragoza. All positives belong to the same module and are asymptomatic, sources from Penitentiary Institutions have reported, adding that the first cases of coronavirus were detected last week. Apparently, the outbreak began with three affected, expanded […]

According to Facebook, Instagram affects adolescent mental health | Trends

The Wall Street Journal revealed the results of an internal investigation on Facebook that showed how Instagram is harmful to teenagers and how it affects their mental health, a news that caused an immediate reaction from the Congress of the United States. (Do WhatsApp employees review and share user information?). Democratic Senators Ed Markey, Lori […]