Mediolanum, EU Court blocks Berlusconi: why

Stop for Silvio Berlusconi on the acquisition of the qualified stake of Banca Mediolanum due to the lack of the integrity requirement of the Forza Italia leader. The ban, decided by the ECB, was confirmed by the Court of Justice of the European Union, rejecting the appeal of the holding Fininvest. Mediolanum, EU Court blocks […]

removed from the electricity bill from 2023

Il Rai license fee may again come out of electricity billfueling a tax evasion that had been canceled since 2015, since the EU has made this a condition for the disbursement of PNRR funds, judging it to be an “improper burden” for electricity companies. The recall of the EU The European Commission recently did a […]

Tax wedge cut, by how much the salary would rise

Between inflationincrease of the fuels e prices skyrocketing, Italian consumers and businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to bear the economic burden of the crisis. This is a very hot topic, at the center of government initiatives and also of realities such as Confindustria. At the 2022 Unindustria Assembly the President of the Confederation, Carlo […]

Ministry of Justice, open to competitions for 5,410 graduates and graduates

The two 2022 calls for tenders, envisaged by the Pnrr, for 5,410 jobs at the offices of the Ministry of Justice throughout Italy, aimed at graduates and graduates. The extraordinary insolvency procedure, announced by the RIPAM Interministerial Commission on a district basis based on qualifications and written tests, is aimed at hiring fixed term for […]