Daniel Loeb joins Richemont | Company consumption

The shares of the luxury goods company Richemont met with keen interest at the start of the week. In the course of trading they gained up to 5% on Monday. The background was an article in the online industry magazine “Miss Tweed”, according to which the company had come into the focus of the activist […]

Apple shakes up the social media industry | Companies abroad

In the end it was a disappointment with an announcement. Because of macroeconomic uncertainties, the corona situation and “in view of the continuing headwinds from Apple’s iOS 14 changes”, Facebook will earn less than expected in the current quarter. Last week, these changes on the part of Apple had torn the shares of the social […]

HBM benefits from China investment | Company health

(AWP) HBM Healthcare (HBMN 341.50 +0.29%) Investments achieved a significantly lower profit in the first half of 2021/22. The bottom line was CHF 270.6 million after CHF 441.3 million in the previous year’s semester, as the holding company confirmed on Friday in a preliminary report published at the beginning of the month. In the previous year, […]

Gene Therapy Stocks: An Attractive Minefield | Company health

Many stocks of gene therapy companies have recently been neglected. When Allogene announced on October 7th that the US FDA had halted all of its studies with cell therapies, not only did their titles crash the next day, but numerous similar ones as well. During the development pause that has been ordered, an anomaly is […]

Paid boosts have been added. Gamers believe Square Enix broke its promise / CD-Action

Last week, interactive Marvel’s Avengers hit the offer Xbox Game Passa. By the way, it was confirmed that the production in question will continue to be enriched with fresh content. It is worth mentioning a new one here game development plan. Crystal Dynamics aims to create new playable heroes, missions, villains, campaigns and events. All […]

Brusa CEO: «Have very high market shares» | Company industry

The goal can only be the stock market. Holger Fink, CEO of Brusa Elektronik, does not say so. He describes an IPO, a public initial offering for shares, as just an option. In the further conversation, however, the impression is confirmed that it is the preferred one. The manufacturer of electronic components for electromobility has […]

«China is systematically recalibrating the economy» | Markets stocks

share Security that embodies a share in the capital of a stock corporation. It guarantees the owner membership rights (voting and election rights at the general assembly) and property rights (right to a share in profits, participation quota in capital increases or in the liquidation result). All articles on this technical term Börse Regular market […]

Polyphor is to be called Spexis | Company health

(AWP) The biotech company Polyphor (FULL 1.95 -0.51%) invites you to the Extraordinary General Meeting. There, the shareholders are to vote on the planned merger with Enbiotix, which was announced a few weeks ago. According to the notification on Monday, the Extraordinary General Meeting is scheduled for October 28th and, due to the Covid-19 measures, […]

The downside scope for mortgage interest is exhausted | Markets real estate

Fed US central banking system to which the twelve Federal Reserve Banks are affiliated. At the top is the Board of Directors in Washington, which also provides the majority in the Open Market Committee, in which monetary policy is decided. All articles on this technical term Festhypothek Has a fixed interest rate over the term […]

Novartis expands ophthalmic portfolio | Company health

(AWP) Novartis (NOVN 77.12 -0.12%) strengthens its portfolio in ophthalmology with the takeover of a spin-off from the University of Bern. Specifically, the pharmaceutical company has taken over Arctos Medical. The group is thus expanding its existing offering to include a preclinical optogenetic AAV gene therapy program and the technology from Arctos, e Novartis announced […]