In Faridpur, the Bailey Bridge is closed for repair work, the suffering is extreme

At the beginning of Ramadan, the repair work of Alimuzzaman Bailey Bridge, the busiest in Faridpur, has started. As a result, traffic over the bridge has been closed. The city dwellers have suffered. The concerned authorities say that the restoration work has started in the interest of the people as the bridge has been damaged. […]

‘Intense involvement of local communities in forest conservation is essential’

Involvement of local communities is essential to ensure forest conservation and sustainable use of forest resources. For this reason, it is also important to ensure the sustainable financial capacity of the Co-Management Committees (CMCs) comprising local communities and government officials. Speakers said this at the Co-Management Day discussion meeting organized by Aranyak Foundation on Thursday […]

Pakistanis are fasting from Thursday

Like the Middle East countries, Pakistan also started the holy month of Ramadan from Thursday (March 23). As the moon of Ramadan was sighted last Wednesday evening, Pakistanis have started fasting from today. News from Jio News. Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad, chairman of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, announced the sighting of the Ramadan moon at a press […]

New mid-range phones and tablets in the Arab region

Advanced features and high levels of performance with elegant design at a moderate price Mid-range mobile devices continue to offer new technological advancements at a moderate price point, which explains the increasing desire of users to own them. Among the devices that were recently launched in the Arab region are the Honor X8a phone with […]

Chhatra League leaders called the students to the guest room and broke their ears

Two vice-presidents of the branch Chhatra League have been accused of slapping a fourth-year student of Jahangirnagar University (JABI) and breaking his ear by calling the guest room of the hall at night. The accused Chhatra League leaders are Hasan Mahmood Farid, a 44th batch student of the University’s Department of Environmental Science and Abdullah […]

Muawiya’s assassination! | The Middle East

In an interview with colleague Khaled Madkhali’s program “A Direct Question” on Al-Arabiya, the Saudi writer and researcher Abdullah Al-Rasheed raised several points in his talk about the way to deal with Islamic history, and about the personality of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan after the controversy that took place around him recently.An important point raised […]

RAB under shadow of international conspiracy: DG

Additional IGP M Khurshid Hossain, Director General of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), said that the shadow of international conspiracy has fallen on RAB. No matter how many conspiracies, no one can stop us. RAB is ready to deal with any situation. He said this at a function organized on the occasion of RAB’s 19th founding […]

Smart Bangladesh has no place for militancy and drugs: Deputy Speaker

Deputy Speaker. Shamsul Haque Tuku said, smoking is the gateway to drugs. And to collect the necessary money to buy drugs, drug addicts engage in various crimes and some of them are involved in militancy. Communal forces also lead to the rise of militancy to destabilize the country. Sectarianism, militancy and drugs have no place […]

Offer to India to use Chittagong and Sylhet ports

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today (Sunday) proposed the use of Chittagong and Sylhet ports to India for mutual benefit, stressing on strengthening regional connectivity to increase trade and commerce. India Foundation Governing Council member Ram Madhav said this while meeting the Prime Minister at Ganabhaban. The Prime Minister said, India can use our Chittagong and […]