Peter Jakab sent a pile of wine to Feri and Viktor’s brothers

After Orbán promised my brother Viktor Feri an eighty, Jakab Orbán also promised a twenty. President Jobbik, who became famous for his pariser meals (Jakab Péter) again surprised his followers with a special video on Thursday. It all started with that Viktor Orban prime minister also posted a video on Thursday as he discusses with […]

Péter Jakab initiates an ethical investigation against Csaba Tóth

Initiates an ethics inquiry Csaba Tóth against the National Pre-Election Commission Jakab Péter, President and Candidate for Prime Minister of Jobbik – wrote on Sunday at In addition to MSZP, DK and Dialogue, Csaba Tóth is also supported by Jobbik, but Ákos Hadházy, the challenger of the candidate presented two days ago documents that […]