Totalcar – Magazine – My 5 favorite Jaguars

Ford Transit with Jaguar XJ220 engine The XJ220 would have been Jaguar’s poster car for the nineties, and they didn’t just want to impress Porsche 959 or Ferrari F40 buyers with design. Keith Helfet packed the V12 engine and all-wheel drive into a polished gravel after the angular eighties, which opened the wallets of many […]

Gal Gadot drives her husband crazy from a car

The renowned actress, Gal Gadot, posed with one of the luxurious cars she has in her garage and not only drove her fans crazy but also her husband, Yaron Varsano. Swipe to see the photo and learn more about the amazing car that Gadot drives! August 22, 2022 ¬∑ 4:51 pm The world renowned Gal […]