Coronavirus: big blur for the performing arts

Stick to each other, dance tightly, vibrate and hover all together facing a stage. It’s not really fashionable anymore. Now, in the air, there is potentially coronavirus. Gatherings of over 5,000 people in “Confined environment” have been banned since this weekend. Potential double penalty that the Minister of Health’s announcement on Saturday to limit the […]

Coronavirus from A to Z – Release

like animal The World Health Organization (WHO) reminded him as early as January 12: “The data seem to clearly indicate that the outbreak is associated with exposures at a fish market in Wuhan” (see: Hubei). The hypothesis of a zoonosis, a disease transmitted by animals, is therefore preferred. February 7, the scientific journal Nature asks: […]

Streaming and vinyl bring color back to the record market

It’s probably a first. During the presentation on Tuesday morning of the music market results for the past year, not once was the word piracy spoken! Growing for the fourth consecutive year, the sector which has regained color has visibly moved on to something else. With progression “Sustained” of the recorded music turnover to 5.4% […]