Evil in the Pyrenees – Culture / Next

The valley, Bernard Minier’s latest novel, comes out in bookstores this week. After a getaway to Hong Kong two years ago with M, the edge of the abyss, a futuristic thriller featuring a young computer scientist, a Chinese digital giant and a malicious AI, the author reconnects with his native Pyrenees and his familiar heroes: […]

“Dark and sacred night”, let the bloodhound be

Released in France on March 11, the day before the release of the Hexagon, the new thriller by the American Michael Connelly is doing well in the suddenly beaten game – at least in digital books. One might be surprised: after all, Connelly, 63 years old and some 60 million copies sold worldwide, delivers annually, […]

In Rodez, the epidemic makes the future of diesel workers even more uncertain

Will reopen, not reopen? At the Bosch factory in Onet-le-Château, near Rodez, since the start of the health crisis, the question arises every week. On the one hand, the factory management ensures that sufficient barrier gestures are put in place, with distances of one meter between employees and a gradual restart workshop by workshop to […]