Johnny Depp: The actor returns to the cinema with a new character

Almost a month ago the triumph of Johnny Depp about Amber Heard in the courts of Fairfax, of the state of Virginia, for what now it seems that the life of the actor of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is changing for the better. After the legal problems that Depp had with his ex-partner, contracts in […]

Amber Heard will appeal judgment of the trial against Johnny Depp – N +

Amber Heard has announced that he will appeal the sentence of his trial for defamation after the popular jury ruled on June 1 that had to compensate the actor Johnny with 15 million dollars (14 million euros) in compensatory and punitive damages. We recommend you: Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, the trial that has the […]

Johnny Depp has to appear in court again over a new indictment

If you thought the court saga surrounding Johnny Depp had settled down, you’re wrong. Just when the verdict has been reached in his endless battle with ex Amber Heard, it turns out that he could charge her again and that he will be charged again, this time not by Amber Heard. We’ll tell you what […]

Amber Heard Says She Still Loves Johnny Depp In Interview

On June 1, a jury in Virginia Johnny Depp awarded a whopping $15 million in damages after Amber Heard was found liable for defamation of the Pirates of the Caribbean star. Now Amber Heard shares her displeasure with the jury verdict an intimate interview met Today Show-journalist Savannah Guthrie. Is Johnny Depp taking his ex […]

Amber Heard understands the jury that decided in favor of her ex Depp | NOW

Amber Heard understands the jury’s verdict in the lawsuit between her and her ex Johnny Depp. The actress has given an interview about the aftermath of the case for the first time. “I don’t blame them,” Heard says in the talk, which airs Monday night (local time). “In fact, I can understand it. He is […]

Amber Heard gives her first interview after verdict in favor of Johnny Depp

The actress assured that she understands the reasons why the jury and the public believed that Depp was innocent. The trial in which Amber Heard and Johnny Depp faced each other still giving what to talk about. After the jury in court of Virginia, United States issued a ruling in favor of the actor, and […]

New album by Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck

IThere are some notable restaurants in Offenbach. However, we don’t know how the treasures in their wine cellars are doing, because we should refrain from thinking of crowning a tasteful evening meal with a glass of Pétrus or Romanée-Conti at the latest when we look at our salary slip. Of course, one of the most […]