The ‘Kitchen’ Police spy on Luis Brcenas 24 hours a day

Inside. The recordings of ‘Kitchen’ seized by the Audience reveal the theft to Brcenas of his tapes with Rajoy ‘Operation Kitchen’. Interior subtracted from Brcenas his agenda and payment notes in ‘B’ The Police spy on the former treasurer of the PPLuis Brcenas for 24 hours a day by monitoring his mobile phone without a […]

Visit to the free floor of the Polica where the ‘operation Catalua’ was set up

Madrid Friday, 14 February 2020 – 01:52 Interior recycles the ‘headquarters’ used by the Case Review Brigade in its secret operations and delivers it to Jupol as the union headquarters. Facade of the building where the floor used by the Ministry of Interior is located Villarejo case. The founder of Mtodo 3 recognizes the judge […]