Rousaud asks Bartomeu to audit the ‘Barcagate’

Emili Rousaud urges Josep Maria Bartomeu to make public the investigation that FC Barcelona has commissioned on the company’s hiring I3 Ventures and others linked to it for monitoring social networks after the scandal that broke out when it became known that they had spread degrading messages against Barça characters, from Gerard Piqué to Pep […]

Barça explores the complex world of barter

The Italian press fanned out scenes of tricks and even three-man caroms on Tuesday with the usual Barca stickers on these dates of suspended competition. The front Lautaro (Inter) and, surprisingly, the midfielder Pjanic (Juventus) appear on the Barcelona shopping list, which goes to this market with a thin checkbook, exchange as a protocol of […]

Barça plots barter to sign Lautaro Martínez

Barter. Or icicles. Or whatever is necessary for Barça to be able to take on the signing of Lautaro Martinez, the Argentine forward of Inter Milan (22 years old). There is no money for large operations in the market that will remain after the coronavirus pandemic. The Barça club does not have the economic capacity […]

Barça and overweight wages

They regret from the offices of the FC Barcelona that the rhythm of income until February presupposed that they were going to exceed the 1,047 million budgeted until June 30, that beautiful record number. Now, without a soul in the stadium, nor in the VIP boxes, nor in the museum, nor the stores, nor victories […]

Roures announces a lawsuit against Barça for unfair administration

The communication businessman Jaume Roures, owner of Mediapro, has announced in an interview in the ‘Diari de Girona’ that a defendant against the FC Barcelona “for unfair administration of the money of the members” of the club to attack him, in relation to the ‘Barçagate‘. In an extensive interview with the Girona newspaper, Roure announced […]

Barça gives the name of the Camp Nou to fight the coronavirus

The board of the FC Barcelona incorporated a new manager which will help alleviate the six resignations – at least by regulation – that occurred last week within the Barça governing council that presides Josep Maria Bartomeu. But, above all, so that the resolutions that were adopted could be approved. And those that were adopted […]

Debt emerges in Barça’s electoral battle

Joan Laporta He found a captivating formula to put himself in the window. “Barça is the club of the 3,000 million: one billion income, one billion expenses and one billion debt.” A phrase, almost a motto, to remember in the coming months of the campaign for the elections of the Barça presidency. Presumably you will […]

Espai Barça, at a critical point

A couple of days ago, the candidate for the throne of the box of the Camp Nou, Víctor Font, claimed through a long letter that all those structural decisions that were not essential were delayed in the face of the gloomy questions posed by the crisis of the coronavirus. “It is vital to postpone the […]

Bartomeu gives a rosellista turn to the new board of directors

Josep Maria Bartomeu The remodeling of the board of directors materialized on Monday. After the resignation last week of six members, four of them forced by the president himself, Bartomeu relocated some of the 13 members he has left. As the squad of the first soccer team, the board of directors remains short, waiting for […]

Bartomeu will meet with his managers telematically at 16:30

FC Barcelona will hold a meeting on Monday via telematics Board of Directors at 4:30 p.m., chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu, in which new members are expected to communicate after the six resignations. A source consulted by EFE confirmed the schedule of the telematic meeting, although he did not ensure that the six casualties produced […]