Jacqueville: Several women trained in the use of Facebook and WhatsApp, the reasons

Several women from the villages surrounding the town of Jacqueville were trained in techniques for disseminating information on social networks, Facebook and WhatsApp. It was Wednesday April 27 and Thursday April 28, 2022 in a hotel complex in Jacqueville. This training was initiated by the Lumière Synergy structure for development (LSD), which is a Senegalese […]

Health: 7,000 tonnes of medical waste per year

The amount of medical waste produced by the health sector is estimated at 7,000 tonnes per year. 3,500 tons in public hospitals, 800 tons in primary health care facilities and 2,000 tons in private sector health facilities. To deal with this situation, the Ministry of Health has taken a set of measures for the management […]

Non-compliance with the price of the blood bag: Two health workers arrested

The Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Health Coverage, during the press conference Two health workers were arrested for non-compliance with the fixed price of the blood bag set at 3000 FCFA. The information was given on Friday April 29, 2022, during a press conference hosted by the director […]

Better working and reception conditions at the CHU Sud

HEALTH. Green, pink, red… At the service of rare neurological diseases at the CHU Sud, two large hummingbirds light up the corridors. The fresco, produced voluntarily by PPG employees on December 3 and 4, was inaugurated on Friday April 22, as part of the Colorful Communities program. In partnership with the AFM-Téléthon association, the PPG […]

A symposium on evaluation methodologies in education at Fouillole

POINTE-A-PITRE The 33rd international symposium of the association for the development of evaluation methodologies in education in Europe took place over three days from April 12 to April 14 on the Fouillole university campus, in the presence of 300 researchers. This is the […]

Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton in on the action

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion and tennis player with 23 Grand Slam titles would be ready to break the bank to participate in the takeover of the English club Chelsea. Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams would be part of a consortium applying to buy Chelsea. They would commit around 12 million euros to buy […]

The two business leaders, Reunionese and Mauritian, sentenced

A Reunionese and a Mauritian appeared last March before the criminal court of Saint-Pierre for having exported out of use vehicles (VHU) compacted but not cleaned up to India. The court delivered its deliberations on Thursday, sentencing the two defendants to an 8-month suspended sentence, a €30,000 fine, as well as a permanent ban on […]

The seasonal flu vaccination campaign is open

Seasonal flu, which is highly contagious, is often wrongly considered to be benign even though it causes hospitalizations and deaths every year in Reunion. Because the flu virus evolves, it is essential to protect yourself against it and to get vaccinated every year. Vaccination is recommended in particular for people at risk of developing a […]