Plamen Andreev to replace Mihailov!

The “Levski Vekoven” fan faction called for Plamen Andreev to take the place of Nikolay Mihailov at the door of their favorite club. The appeal comes after the experienced guard’s fatal errors saw the Blues crash out of the Conference League with Malta’s Hamrun Spartans. “It’s time! We all dream that he will be the […]

Surprise in BNT, look who returned PHOTO

The Bulgarian National Television has a new addition to its sports ranks. Journalist Radostin Lyubomirov returned to BNT. Last night he was reporting for state television at the Bulgarian Army Stadium, covering CSKA’s 1-0 win over Black Sea in an Efbet Liga third round match. Winbet – victory is at your fingertips! (18+) Lubomirov left […]

Former captain of CSKA sopila Stoicho Stoilov

The former captain of CSKA Ivan Bandalovski attacked Stoicho Stoilov, who boasted that for the last 4 years, more than 20 million euros have come into the coffers of “Army” from the sale of football players that he personally brought to the club. The gang said that the former general manager of CSKA should not […]

It’s getting scary for Levski’s ultras, they beat policemen!

The district prosecutor’s office in Burgas has opened a pre-trial proceeding for causing bodily harm due to hooliganism and is investigating the actions of Levski’s last agitator – “Sofia Zapad”, reported Flagman. The administrative head of RP-Burgas, Ivan Kirkov, confirmed the information and specified that a technical expertise was assigned to the case, which would […]

Levski acknowledged the problem and apologized to the fans

Levski’s management admitted to a problem with the team’s new jerseys and apologized to the fans. Supporters were unhappy that they had not yet received the ordered kits, and the “blues” announced that the reason for the delay was the many orders. Winbet – the real thrill of winning! (18+) Here is what the club […]

Maria Sharapova became a mother? One word drove everyone crazy

The former lover of the native tennis star Grigor Dimitrov – Maria Sharapova, may have already become a mother. This is what her millions of fans on social networks assumed, after her description on “Instagram” instead of the previous one – tennis player, business lady, etc. the word “mom” appeared. Masha revealed that she was […]

Midnight action with Pep Guardiola! They chased him down a narrow alley VIDEO

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola found himself in midnight action. The Spaniard returned from a break for the start of the new season and was quickly recognized by a “Citizens” fan who chased him on his bike. The Spaniard initially tried to run away, but then stopped and angrily began to demand an explanation from […]

First in BLITZ! A nightmare for Ilian Iliev Jr. Break your…

An unpleasant accident befell Ilian Iliev Jr., BLITZ learned. The Bulgarian footballer revealed specifically to our media that he is currently in hospital after sustaining a fracture during training. It is a fracture in the area of ​​the foot, received after being tackled by a teammate. Mladshi revealed to BLITZ that despite the changed plans […]